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Indefinite detention: the post office Richmond California Sort Facility

by Larry Geller

There must be something going on. I wrote two short articles about the black hole called the Richmond CA Sort Facility among many others of much more importance. Yet comments and emails keep coming in about unexplained delays of packages in Richmond, or of damaged packages, or of the wrong stuff being delivered in a battered box.

Today a comment came in about Christmas gifts supposed to be delivered December 21 but still trapped in Richmond. And now the inquiry number is not answering their phone.

For sure, it’s an unscientific sample. Those who have received their packages in a timely way don’t post comments on a blog in Hawaii. Still… one commenter got the same reply that I did about how long packages are going to take to be delivered, and it’s too darn long.

What are they doing in there? Are they short of shelf space and piling stuff up on the floor? What’s the excuse?

At the moment, I have no packages stuck there. Mine have been liberated and come home. I hope that someone who has emailed or commented (so they still have an open issue) will take it up with higher powers in Washington, perhaps, and would appreciate it if they might post the results here as a comment.

Update: Comments still coming in to previous articles here and here.

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I too have a package sent to our grandchild in Hawaii, but now held hostage in Richmond! What's up with that? How do we even begin to locate it or resolve the problem? If I could, I would help them process it and resend it another way. My grandchild really would love her Christmas present in December, but I guess that isn't going to happen!

I shipped a package out of Colorado Springs heading to Milwaukee, WI on Dec 21. It was logged as being in San Francisco on Dec 25. On Dec 28, it was logged as being in Richmond, CA. Still there, from what I can tell...

I shipped a package on Dec 16 2011 from San Francisco with delivery to MD. The expected delivery date was Dec 23 2011 and the package has been stuck in Richmond ever since Dec 19 2011 without any change in the status to date. When Calling another date is always being given as if just trying to blow someone off. The package still has not arrived.

I shipped a package on Dec. 14th to Hawaii and it is also being held hostage in Richmond, CA! The really bad part is that it was something I sold on Ebay!!! It arrived and was processed at the sort facility in Richmond, CA on Dec. 22 and the status still hasn't changed. Obviously, I called and rcvd no help. I'm at a loss of what to do. I've never had this happen before... :(

I have two separate packages stuck there. One was mailed on Dec. 22 and another on Dec. 24. They both have not arrived to Hawaii. Hopefully they will come soon. Anyone have any information on who to call? I've called the post office but I'm not sure what else to do.


I have two very important packages stuck in the RICHMOND CA sorting facility. they have been there for 6 days according to the details of the tracking information available. Not six days in the mail total, I mean six days in the Richmond Sorting Facility. One must ask himself, "why would ANYTHING need to be delayed six (6) days..?", unless there was something drastically wrong either with MY PACKAGES or perhaps THE FACILITY. The postal service has & is going through some serious changes these days, AS WE SPEAK. People (postal workers) in small local communities who have worked Faithfully, Honestly and Dependably for USPS for decades are being let go, while the good-old-boy system of back scratchers is protecting the power turfs of facilities such as the one at Richmond California & BELL GARDENS, California. Politics has placed these facilities in communities with RECORD high crime rates, crime so high that news from such places is blotted from the media as a matter of routine because it is not considered news anymore, it has become a comment on the crumbling of our own society and in short, this does not sell commercial space.

I was once required to visit Richmond Ca for an "educational seminar" at the Kaiser Medical Facility in the heart of Richmond Ca.

When I arrived, there were street thugs working in tandem trying to look like valet parking attendants. Nothing was being done to stop the activity. Everyone inside the hospital was aware & seemed numb to it as if it was a normal everyday thing, even when I asked about it, I was asked "You didn't let them have your vehicle.?" once I said no, the sense of alarm was replaced by numb catatonia.

Once my "Seminar" was over, I was driving just three blocks from the hospital and while waiting for a red light in traffic, a gang of criminals was rousting through the stopped cars looking for those of us who had not locked our vehicles. As they approached I barely was able to click mine locked, they heard this & moved on. A man next lane over, two cars up was not so lucky. He was thrown out of his car papers flying through the air and when the light turned green the criminals drove off with his car, with him looking on with complete shock and amazement. I Saw it with my own two eyes. I could not get out of there fast enough. WEW..!

RICHMOND IS A CRIMINAL HELL HOLE, located directly on the water, with a working loading port accessible by boat by unauthorized aliens on one side & the entire northern california Highways AND Sacramento-Stockton River system on the other, with the international airport just up the street. Russian & Asian gangs practically OWN certain parts of the Sacramento River, it's been a problem for decades. Richmond and Oakland Ca is todays equivalent to the FIVE POINTS of New York in the early 1800's. And the Postal Service has there own crime boss running things "POSTAL".

I would not be surprised if the Bell Gardens & Richmond facilities answer to the same "ADMINISTRATOR" (Crime Boss).

Things have GOT TO CHANGE. I say move these facilities to smaller more local communities that are not as prone to deviant influences. Places where good workers need good jobs not die-hard union reps keeping bad people working.

I say HELP..!! Somebody PLEASE..??!! Do Something.

Would somebody please take over the Richmond CA post office please. I had something mailed out January 25th and for some reason it has been stuck at the richmond ca post office since I have called usps and they said unfortunately they cannot do anything until the 11th of February. You would think with all the complaints that they will just file complaints on this place immediately. I think usps means Use Some Patience Stupid cause obviously they make it seem like it is our fault when we call to ask where is our stuff!

Scary stuff! I, too, have a long overdue package sent to my nephew (for his birthday Feb 3rd!) in Honolulu. I called the 510-622-7420 contact # given in a previous comment and a Richmond facility worker told me my package is waiting for a full truck to take it to the "boat" that will take it to Hawaii! By boat? My local P.O. person told me "we don't send packages by boat anymore." Ha! Anyway, the Richmond woman said it could take a month or more.

I think someone higher up needs to asked about this. OR! the local post offices need to tell us that these packages go by boat and could take over a month, not the two weeks they told me. I wouldn't have sent it through UPS if I had known that.

I've been going insane waiting for an extremely important package that got hung up in Richmond, it had the best delivery possible and can not be replaced. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT POST OFFICE? My package has been there for 11 days. No small wonder the post office is going bankrupt.

I sent an 18 pound box out from the east coast on February 18th. It reached Richmond, ca on February 22nd. Have been trying to have USPS track it down further to no avail. All I get is "sorry". Now it's been a full month! Would love to go undercover and see what is being done with all the missing packages! Seems the USPS is afraid of that sorting facility. I keep searching eBay to see if my stuff shows up for sale there!

I have 4 packages I'm waiting on. The first ordered package was routed to Richmond and the latter three wasn't. Guess which package has no updated tracking? The last three are now in Honolulu in transit to me. This is the 5th package (in my recent experience) that managed to go through Richmond and just stayed there. All of them took more than a month to get to me. In fact I'm still waiting on a package sent since Feb. 19. All these packages I spent priority rates on...what's the use?

I too have a package that is STUCK? in Richmond Ca. Also an Ebay sale that I sent from NY to Hawaii. 3 days from New York to Richmond Ca. According the the USPS information it has been there since March 13,2012 todays date is March 31,2012. Can't get a straight answer from anybody @ USPS. They keep telling me that it is not lost and it will get there. Hard to believe because they cant tell me if it is still there or on the Slow boat To Hawaii. Should have spent a couple more dollars and shipped Fed Ex or UPS. This will never happen to me again as that is it for USPS for me. The shipping date estimate that was provided is nothing more than a number on the receipt, doesn't mean anything.With service like this,it's no wonder they are broke.

Update on my box sentt from the east coast to California in February 18th. Arrived in Richmond, ca on Feb 22, still has never been recovered. Multiple phone calls and everyone finger points. Just spoke with Joanne from consumer affairs and she told me "just because it says it was processed thru Richmond and never scanned out does not really mean it actually made it to Richmond, it still may be traveling across country".
How stupid is that! That contradicts what every other USPS person I spoke to has said!
Was really mislead by the post office when the postmaster told me tracking and signature required were the same thing! Be sure to insure your packages or you have no way of knowing where they go.

Wow!!!!!! Same ol story....I had a package shipped to me in Honolulu, Hi. from N.Y. on 4/3/12. It was sorted thru the Richmond, Ca. facility on 4/8/12 expected delivery 4/16/12, which by the way is today....BIG NEGATIVE ON THE DELIVERY! the last tracking point was Richmond, Ca. I guess USPS had to send the canoe from Honolulu Harbor which is now probably docked in Ca., BUT! they won't start the paddle back to Hawaii until the canoe has a full load! I might see delivery in May some time, if at all. Great job USPS! No wonder people don't care if the dog attacks the mailman...hahahaha

Update on 18 pound box sent from east coast to California on February 18th, received by Richmond sorting facility on February 25th. Have made phone calls to every post office available, only to have each place point the finger at everyone else, and each person tell me "you should have insured it". USPS must loose a lot of packages! now just trying to get reimbursed the $26 for postage I paid.

Same stuff, different day. How do you loose a saddle? Where are the checks and balances?
I will NEVER have an item I purchase thru e-bay sent parcel post thru Richmond sorting facility.
I had no idea till reading this blog, that Richmond, Ca was a hell hole.
Inquiry after expedited inquiries with nobody returning your call. Perhaps the inmates ARE
running the asylum?

Bozos got my stuff there since may 5 if I don't recieve my stuff I give um da bachi!!!!!!

I've sent two packages to MyBookBuyer that have been "lost" in the Richmond, CA facility. I am out money with no recourse. What's wrong with the postal service that they do not rectify this situation? Look how many people have listed problems above THIS post. No wonder the postal service is losing money. They SHOULD go bankrupt with facilities like this, and non-existent service.

Trish H, please follow up with a post with dates you sent the packages and later, when (if?) they are delivered, the dates for that.


I sent a box of knitting supplies to my new house in Honolulu from my old house in Berkeley. It just got to the island (two weeks after I shipped it) and when I opened it up almost all of my stuff was gone. I took a look at the box and realized that the packing tape on the bottom was all janky - they unpeeled the tape, very carefully, popped out the bottom of the box, pulled out everything they could, and then taped it back up. I know the theft could have occurred in a lot of places, but it spent five days at the Richmond facility.

I feel like a fool for not insuring it, but could I actually prove an insurance claim when the box actually got to me, only with half the stuff missing? Mostly I feel stupid for using USPS to mail my valuable stuff. (Knitting tools are expensive, brah.)

I'm going to file a complaint with the postal inspector, and a friend told me to complain to my local congressional representatives as well.

Please see Why packages seem to “disappear” into the Richmond, California sort facility. It turns out the the explanation for all this is very simple.

Ive had multiple items stuck there. First experience it took 3 weeks to get my packages, usually a week to two weeks on other items, currently I'm waiting on two items stuck there and so far its been a week.

Same story with me in the Richmond CA sorting center. I shipped a package out on September 4 with a tracking # for an ebay customer. Well its Sept 18 now and according to the tracking # it says it has been in Richmond since Sept 7! This is BS! We are paying for a service we are not getting. As a good seller and to avoid any problems I gave the buyer a full refund today. This is 100% unacceptable. USPS needs to address this quickly and heads should roll. They need to clean house and hire people to do the job they are paid to do. Now I'm not going to ship to CA anymore to avoid this ever happening again.

I bought a halloween costume and it has been sitting in Richmond for 2 weeks. i am sad to say i am not going to be a witch for halloween.

The Richmond sort facility really sucks. My package is stuck for over 10 days now. The package was to be shipped to Walnut Creek which is like 25 miles from Richmond. I have followed up with Customer Service, Consumer Affairs, Local post office and what not. Nobody is taking any responsibility for my package. It was supposed to be delivered on 1st October. I really sware, I am not doing any business with USPS anymore. They are just hopeless, pathetic and don't really care about their customers. Is there a way to sue this facility collectively for non-delivery or late delivery of mails?

The purpose of the Tracking feature is to ensure that the Sender and Recipient have an accurate status showing the current location of a package. When the tracking feature doesn’t work, there are problems. I recently tried to ship a package to Hawaii, and when it reached the Richmond CA Annex, the status did not change for 2 weeks. What I now realize was that the package was probably on a boat bound for Hawaii, but because no one scans the packages that go on the boat, the status doesn’t change. Is the package sitting in a bin in Richmond? Is the package missing? Unknown. Someone should scan all the packages going to Hawaii with a status of, “On Boat; Transit 2 Weeks” or something to this effect, so that people know that their packages are still moving. I have filed an official complaint with the USPS Inspector General, and with the Postmaster General attempting to fix this flaw, among others. If you have a complaint, google for “USPS Inspector General” and file a complaint yourself, and email the Postmaster General at The citizens pay for the USPS and deserve good customer service.

I have about five packages stuck in this place each worth over fifty dollars and I've been waiting for almost a month for them, which they were supposed to come only a week after I bought them. I'm not gonna blame the sellers on eBay because I know it's not their fault, but next time I am so going to ask if they can ship ups or FedEx because this is just getting ridicules. How is a package already departed from that place two weeks ago not arrive in Hawaii yet, do they have an imaginary stop over facility in the middle of the pacific between ca and hi? I just have to hope my packages come soon, with all the stuff in there, because if they don't. I'm gonna start raising hell.

Sadly I am finding this to be true with me, yet I knew it would take a bit of time. I am nearing a month of waiting for ministry books I purchased online! I am praying I will not have to file for a refund, as I would rather have the books. Evidently this facility id not functioning on a reliable scale! I will just try and have things sent regular first class or priority even!

Same problem my package has been sitting in the Warrendale PA sorting facility for 6 days now, with no idea where it is, why even offer track and confirm code that most of the time never works anyways. Seems to me,just to make another quick buck from customers. its as if the package fell of the face of the earth. Tracking just is dead. When you call the post office they care less about your concern for your lost mail all you hear, "it will come, give it time, or were checking into it" then nothing is done about it after that. It makes no since buying a tracking number, priority, or even 1st class mail, or insurance. They send the package when "they feel like" I understand they have thousands if mails to go through everyday but c'mon now! At least get the stuff here when it says its gonna come! I'm sick of usps! Bunch of fuck Up's! All they care about is they're paychecks, and I'm sure they'd never let this same situation happen had it been they're items they've mailed out.

Apparently Richmond is still out of whack because while it says that my package departed the Richmond facility two days ago, it is only 70 miles away and I can walk there faster. I wouldn't normally be concerned but there have been no tracking updates for two days and that is not normal.

Please post when your package finally arrives. Thanks

This is still going on all these later. My package has been stuck in Richmond, CA for 11 days at this point and tracking is not updating. It should never have gone down to CA in the first place. It was in my city 7/20/15 and because I moved it had to be forwarded. So it left my city in Oregon and went to sorting in Federal Way Washington, then for some reason it got shipped to Richmond where it now sits.....

Writing today 23.10.2016 I'm Italian living in bulgaria I shipped a packet on 29.09.2016 and arrived in USA on 01.10.2016. At 06.10.2016 the packet arrive to Richmond, CA and it's stucked there at today. It's 18 Days. Unbelieveble.

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