Sunday, December 25, 2011


Our newspaper has its own idea about “the Christmas spirit”

by Larry Geller

The sun wasn’t even thinking of coming up this morning when I crept out of bed and somehow located the front door. We do get our paper early, which suits me because I’m an early riser.

Outside was a little bag of cookies from one of our neighbors, right next to the paper.. How nice! Christmas spirit and all that. They look home made. Lots of raisins and spices. Yum!

Christmas Spirit

Check out the newspaper, though.

It does say “the Christmas spirit” in the upper right corner, but forget that. It seems that a year-end sale is more important to the Star-Advertiser editors than Mele Kalikimaka. Typographically speaking, the message they want you to get on this day was not “Peace on Earth or anything like that. It’s “SALE, buy, buy, buy, don’t stop buying even on Christmas day, keep on buying, buy, buy, buy.”

But then, it is the Star-ADVERTISER.


I remember when the editor agonized over putting an ad on the front page.

Now look at it.

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It was a very weak Sunday paper


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