Thursday, December 22, 2011


World has a second helping of carbon in 2011

’In many ways, 2011 rewrote the record books. From crippling snowstorms to the second deadliest tornado year on record to epic floods, drought and heat, and the third busiest hurricane season on record, we've witnessed the extreme of nearly every weather category,’ said NOAA spokesman Christopher Vaccaro.

by Larry Geller

… Only the third busiest hurricane season on record… so it’s hard to believe, but one day we’ll be looking back at 2011 as a relatively good year.

For a look at the year in review from a climate perspective, check out Environment world review of the year: '2011 rewrote the record books' (Guardian, 12/22/2011).

I gather, from the article, that the place to measure CO2 is the top of our very own Mauna Loa.

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