Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The Richmond, CA, USPS sort facility still out of sorts

by Larry Geller

I’ve written few articles that have received as many emails and comments as this one over time. The original story was posted on March 25, 2011, and indicated that something is drastically wrong with the postal service sort facility at Richmond, California. The latest comment came in just now. I’ve lost track of the number of emails since the article appeared.

You’d think they would fix it. The Richmond, CA sort facility is kind of like a black hole for packages. If your tracking info shows that a package has showed up there, better stay on it and make sure it escapes within a reasonable time.

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Our kids "santa" gift was sent there on Dec 13th and we've still not received it. I need a phone number for the sort facility. I can't find it anywhere online!

Can you help??????

Try (510) 232-4314. That's not the sort facility, but they say they can help. The actual sort facility seems to closely guard any phone number that the public might use to get to them.

Maybe if you agree to post bail they might let your package out.

My package was sent to the facility on the 15th and it has yet to even arrive at it's destination. I tried the phone number, but they won't pick up no matter how many times I've called =(.

I'm having the same problem. My Christmas gifts that I ordered off of Amazon for my kids were shipped to that same facility and now it seems like it's stuck there...there've been no tracking updates, just the arrival to Richmond, CA. It sucks because the estimated arrival date (to my place) of this shipment was supposed to be Dec. 21st, and now Christmas is 2 days away, and I still haven't received it. How am I supposed to explain to my kids that Christmas isn't going to happen on Christmas this year, and I definitely don't have money to go out and buy other presents. Did anyone find out anything? I tried calling that number, but they were still closed. ???

This same thing is happening to me. I was supposed to receive my package yesterday and it was only coming from LA. When I saw that the package arrived yesterday in Richmond, I was confident that it would leave the facility and get to me by yesterday afternoon. When the track & confirm STILL had no updates this morning, I got worried and decided to try searching "RIchmond, CA USPS sort facility" and this site came up. Its making me feel hopeless and frankly, pissed off. What is going on with this facility and why are all of these people continuing to be let down?! Is there ANYTHING that can be done?

I have no great ideas. Perhaps some of you with outstanding issues (packages still held at Richamond) could take this up with someone in charge. But hurry up, the Postmaster General might be taking a half-day off. I'm sure his/her packages have already been delivered.

Same here!!!!!! Made an order December 9th, they send it out UPS, for some odd reason they transfer it to USPS and it gets sent to Richmond. Tracking shows it there December 15th, and now 2 days before Christmas there is no sign of it leaving the facility. Thanks for ruining Christmas!

Well let me add to the voice that should hopefully make it to someone who can fix this....
Currently I have three packages stuck in the black hole they call Richmond CA sort facility. All of the packages were shipped over three weeks ago and not one is going to make it time for Christmas. Best answer out of Richmond via the telephone (when they still answered it) is that I would be getting the packages in a day or two. That was two weeks ago and when I called again a week later... guess what? The same answer! Does anyone know who we need to get in contact with in the USPS hierarchy that could address this?
It seems obvious from a customer service perspective why the USPS is failing.

Well I've had the same problem and called 1-800 ASK USPS. They can tell you when your estimated arrival date is with a tracking number. My item was purchased and shipped Dec 15 and not expected to arrive until Dec 27. --This puts a whole new meaning to Snail Mail.

I have the same problem. 2 packages sent Dec. 15, plenty of time according to the USPS site to get to its US destination by Christmas. Expected arrival date Dec. 22, no updates. After calling USPS, I was told the new delivery date is today, Dec. 24. After reading this, I am very sad as our son is all alone in San Francisco, unemployed with no joy except a couple of expected Christms boxes of cheer. I am angry & crying this Christmas eve. What a way to go, guys, ruining Christmas for thousands, no doubt, because of your stupidity. I wish you the same kind of Christmas you have given to my son.

Are everyones packages still stuck there? I am working on getting the Number to the Facility. When I have it I will post it here.

I have an Ebay store, and shipped an item on Dec. 23rd to HI. I no that's on out there from Tn. but anyway, the package ended up in Richmond CA. sort facility on Dec. 27th. I called the number above and it was for Richmond Post Office, and was automated. Of course it didn't give me the option I needed.
I called 1-800-ask-usps, and told them about all the complaints against Richmond sort facility, and went ahead and opened a case for me. The package should have arrived on Jan. 4th. They said normally they wait until it has been 14 days before opening a case but under the circumstances she went ahead with the case.
She said it would take 2 postal business days to investigate, so it would probably be next Tuesday before I hear anything. I hope the rest of you at least received your packages by now.

omg! I have one pkg held up there since dec. 21 and my husband on a totally separate, unrelated order is held up at this facilty too! still no updates! this is ridiculous!!! pls. post if anyone gets thru this unbelieveable predicament we are all in!

My package has been there since Dec 1 ..10 phone calls and 3 opened cases....NO ONE TELLS ME ANYTHING....except..they're checking! Its now 30 days late!I have to quit writing..my heart beat is racing thinking about ALL the calls. I could have walked there by now......and I'm in Oklahoma!

Had a package from an Ebay seller ship on 12/22, as of 1/19 still in the 'black hole' of Richmond CA (I'm in Hawaii). Called 510-622-7420 and was told everything sits until a there's a full container of mail which will then hit Honolulu via Oakland. Bottom line is to expect up to 6 weeks! What a farce. Irony is I ordered some other stuff from the same seller on a later date and it arrived in less than 2 weeks.

Everything sits until there is a full container?!!??

When I lived in Japan years ago and listened to shortwave for international news, I joked that the All India Radio program schedule always arrived 2-3 months after the broadcast because they waited until the ship was full before sailing away with the mail.

So that is where we are with the Richmond, CA sort facility? We're now a third-world country with primitive mail service, if the response Anonymous was given is accurate.

eBay buyer here. The only real problem i have had with the RICHMOND. CA sorting facility is the excessively long delay with sorting packages and whatnot. Ironically, the delay time of whatever I purchase that ends up in there is the same whether i paid $15-20 for shipping or it was free...

It takes about 25-30 days for that place, i think. I USUALLY receive all my packages from there within that time period + 5-10 days the package spent through the other sorting facilities. All the packages that i do receive that have tracking#s and give me the RICHMOND, CA sortfac as part of their journey get 5 stars for shipping nowadays since the excess delay is not the seller's fault anymore...

This is ridiculous. Anonymous must move to solve this mystery of the Richmond, California package black hole. Get those numbers. Call them. File petitions and complaints. We must not let this problem remain unanswered.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
We are Anonymous.
Expect us.

Multiple delay experience in Richmond CA. Bought stuff and Walmart and Ebay, horrible delay everytime it gets routed at Richmond.

I had a package shipped to HI, apparently stuck in Richmond CA for the past 2 weeks. I just called 510-622-7420 and was told "it's not at the sort facility any more because if it were it would be getting a scan every day, what probably happened was it went surface mail, which it should not have and that may take up to 8 weeks"

8 weeks?! I'm pretty sure I could swim faster than that...

hello to all of you people, who like me are having a horrible time with usps . I live in Ireland and posted an item to Florida on the 21st.Feb. Talk about getting the run a round, My blood is boiling. It seem my item went to florida alright but for some reason it is now stuck in The Hell Hole you good poeple call Richmond sort facility. I have call i do not know how many times from Ireland and I am ready to scream. Those people will not tell me why the item went to Richmond -the other side of the country when it was ONLY 35MILES from it destination in SANFORD FLORIDA. i HAVE E-MAIL MR.JACK POTTER the POSTMASTER GENERAL --yep no answer to my question. I will keep you all posted .__Pardun the PUN!! OLIVE -IRELAND.

i have a package that was send to LA by mistake so they re-routed it and send it to me in dublin ca,and for whatever reason the package when pass dublin and end up in richmond the black hole, its been there for one week already.
richmond its like 30 min away from here and yes its a getto city in the bay area so, i think some one is taking all of your packages home.

Sent a package to an eBay buyer on Feb 25th, tracking number says it's scheduled for delivery on Mar 6th, yet it's been more than a week past that and it's still in Richmond, CA. Been using USPS for as long as I remember and never had any problems, but after looking up this "Richmond, CA sorting facility" on Google, it seems people have been having issues with them for years now. How has the idiot running that place not been fired yet?

I have had a package there since feb 25 I have called and called all they will tell me is that they are trying to find out whats going on. I even went as far as calling the post master general and still no response. This is really messed up considering I paid $20 extra for first class so I would get it in three days. If anyone has a number to that damn facility please post it I want to call them. I live in Alabama and even if it left there today it would still be at least a week before I would recieve it.

Processed through USPS Sort Facility
March 10, 2012, 8:19 pm

Ever since then, I have seen no updates...fk them I spent 45.

Anonymous must take action. C'mon /b/ros

I sent a box from the east coast to California ion February 18th. Post office said arrival date was February 25th. It reached Richmond, Ca. On February 22, and has disappeared! I have made numerous phone calls to USPS, only to hear, "I'm sorry to hear that your having a problem, we'll look into it and call you back," and after another 2-3 days of waiting, I end up calling them again. Today is March 18th and still no sign of the box. This was a large 18 pound box, not something that could fall and not be noticed! I keep searching EBay to see if the contents show up there! Would love to have 60 minutes do an undercover story to see if someone is stealing the packages!

I'm so pissed. I'm deployed overseas and sent my niece a bday gift. I sent it priority 30 days in advance, and I be darn if it still hasn't made it. The tracking still says processed through Richmond, CA sort facility. After reading all of the previous comments, I'm floored as to why nobody has done anything to make that facility run correctly.

I am joining the royally pissed army now as well. I live in Hawaii and ordered a package on March 8th, it is now the 20th, the expected delivery date, and still says its in Richmond, CA. I called last week Monday, expressing my concerns because I saw this website, and they said they ship out once a week to Hawaii. There has been no notification it has even been shipped out. What the hell is going on!?

I shipped an item on February 25th with a tracking number. That's the last info I see on their site:

Processed through USPS Sort Facility

Feb-29-12, 23:20 PM, RICHMOND, CA 94804

Its March 23, and buyer has still not received their item. That Place really is a black hole! F..K THEM!!!!

I would like the USPS to close down the RICHMOND CA.SORT FACILITY !!!!! It's the TOILET of the USPS !!!!!

Wow, I'am having troble too. My package seems to be stuck in the RICHMOND SORT FACILITY. I found this site trying to find a way to contact them to ask what the hold up is ????? I'am shocked at how many people are having problems.


The USPS should offer an option where you can pay $5 extra for the package to bypass the Richmond facility.

Update on package sent from east coast to California on February 18th, received by Richmond sorting facility on February 25th. Have called every number availanble for USPS, have spoken to everyone possible, everyone points the finger at someone else. Now trying to get reimbursed the $26 I spent to send the package at least! How can you lose an 18 pound box? Package was securely wrapped, address with indelible marker, scanned going into Richmond, but not coming out of. Note to all- confirmed signature is not scanned at every stop, even though I was informed at the time I sent it that it was, and every phone call I made, I was told "you should gave insured it".

I too have had three packages stuck there. One came back damaged, and am still waiting for the other two.

Wow, I found this site while trying to locate my pkgs. & after reading about the "black hole" I am a little worried we will not receive a single pkg. My husband & I just moved from above the arctic circle in Alaska to Maui, Hawaii. We had to ship about 18 boxed through the USPS and they were all suppose to arrive around the 23rd of April, which would have gave them 2 weeks to get to the island. When I checked on my tracking numbers today, it showed they have been sitting in the "black hole" since April 22nd. So now I am another frustrated customer with pretty much no personal belongings hoping that our boxes will arrive some day. Since we had boxed up our home to move some of the items were more of sentimental value than anything & we will not be able to replace. I am going to be making calls & hopefully finding some answers along the way. I will update if I find any new information that has not already been talked about.

Shipped 6 boxes via USPS from Utah to Hawaii. Says they were processed through the richmond sort facility on April 25th. No boxes yet. Called the "customer service" number I was given and the only explanation she could give me was that it was going by boat... really? I'm glad you had to think about that one. Anyway, she mentioned that they use a different delivery service once it gets here and it could be another week or 2. Seems like they are all trained to just say it'll be about another week or two. This is the number I was given to call for customer service 5106227420. Has anyone received their packages yet and what was the time frame once it got scanned in richmond?

To Anonymous May 8 8:52 a.m.:

How did you ship your six boxes? If by parcel post, indeed they can take a long time. Unfortunately, it is the economical way to ship when using USPS.

For others posting comments here, could you possibly follow up when you do get your mail, with the date of delivery?


I am an eBay seller that just found this blog through Google. I have a customer who is waiting for a box to arrive that was shipped out April 25, lives in Hawaii and was expecting it to arrive this week. As everyone here reported, the tracking shows it arriving into the RICHMOND sort facility with no other scans. I too am hoping people will write follow up comments telling when they actually received the package!!!

I am a ebay buyer/seller. I bought an item which was sold to me on the 04/28/12. it reached richmond facility on May-04-12. It was suppose to arrive between the 4th - the 10th. It is now the 15th and my item is STILL LOCATED at richmond. WHAT THE HELL!?


i too am a victim in hawaii, expected delivery date is now over two months due and stuck in the blackhole, should we all take legal action???? we have our tracking numbers and receipts and proof of our items where abouts ????????????????????????????????????

i ordered a package and it was sent to Richmond on the 11th and it hasn't updated tracking info since then. I live in Hawaii this is terrible, i just want my parts i ordered >_<

my package has been sitting at the Richmond sort facility since the 11th, i just want my parts i ordered!!!

I am having the same problem. I was supposed to receive my package the 1-2 of may from stockton, ca to where I live in Hawaii. . Now it is the 23 and I was able to call the number that Has been mentioned above. They also told me that it travels by boat so it will be another 4-5 weeks. I know my package was sent parcel which means it takes even longer, but I have received othe packages set parcel from hong kong that don't even take as long.

I got 2 packages there, being stuck there for almost 3 weeks now. Hope they will leave there soon.

Can anyone provide tracking numbers so that the postal inspector can review some of these cases? without tracking numbers, these are just stories for the postal inspector. once I have tracking numbers, I'll forward this to the proper person. Thanks

I agree that tracking numbers would be helpful.

I put together a complaint to the Postmaster General, but haven't sent it yet because it is a bit weak. Still, there are so many comments that I should send it.

Previous commenters probably will not revisit these articles to post new information, but if new commenters could please provide tracking numbers and dates when the packages finally do arrive, it would be helpful.

Here's my tracking number. Package is 10 days overdue as of 5/26


I think this is unbelievable my package was suppose to arrive on the may 22nd still havent received any updates. I order a software is usps really that stupid to have a cd shipped on a boat.

I, too, have a package that's gone missing coming from Germany. I called the 510-622-7420 number. The lady told me it's stuck with customs. They don't have any communication with customs/ICE. "They are kind of the untouchables", she said. Nice to know my tax dollars go towards a gov't organization that isn't accountable, and work on their own clock. You just have to wait for them to release it on their own time, she said. Nice.

I am totally disgusted with the USPS system that does not work......... A letter was sent to me from London which arrived in USA 26 April. For whatever reason, was then sent to CA - After reading these comments, I think it must be in the BLACK HOLE !!!! To-date, I have still not received my letter! Come on now, deliver what what we have paid for !

0310 2640 0000 6461 5318

I've been waiting since May 25th...And I still haven't received my package! :(

I shipped a package May 29 from San Diego to Hawaii. Shows June 5 scanned in RICHMOND and no further activity. Today is June 13. I've gone to two different local post offices asking if they can help me track this, send a message through the system, anything. Nope. They just say "it can take awhile". This is not worth it. Next time I'll send Fed Ex and cut back on expenses for the week. Don't need this kind of frustration. Now I'm in that limbo...is it lost/stolen in Richmond or will it eventually get there in 6 weeks?!!!

I had a package sent from Virginia to Hawaii, and of course goes through this embarrassing Sort Facility in Richmond, CA where it disappears. I just filed a theft of mail report through the US Postal Inspectors. It took about 10-15 minutes over the phone, which I encourage each and every one of you to do if your package has come up "missing" or last tracked through this facility.

I also live in Hawaii. My "expected" delivery date was June 13th. It is now the 15th and doesn't even show it left Richmond (arrived on June 5th. Here is the "tracking"

Package Services
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
June 05, 2012, 12:06 pm
Expected Delivery By:
June 13, 2012
Delivery Confirmation™
Depart USPS Sort Facility
June 02, 2012
Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
June 02, 2012, 6:34 am
Dispatched to Sort Facility
June 01, 2012, 3:33 pm
June 01, 2012, 10:13 am

I am so worried!

Any updates to the above postings? I had a package shipped from Colorado and it shows departed Richmond, CA on June 16, no updates since and the expected delivery was June 25....

0615 0134 7114 1272 8478

How long should I wait until I contact USPS??

my parcel came to richmond on may 16, 2012 and it's already 2nd of july 2012 and no movement. the tracking said it's still at richmond. maybe i should wait until may 16, 2013?

Label Number: 1830 0002 8305 6184
Depart USPS Sort RICHMOND CA 94804 06/20/12
My certified letter package made it from Fort Pierce Florida to the Richmond CA sort facility where it simply disappeared. After calling my package was assighed a case number. But after another 4 days still no package. This facility is broken. Plain & simple. The USPS needs to accept that changes need to be made and just get it done. New staff, new proceedures, whatever. Just FIX IT.

My daughter ordered a pkg through amazon and the expected arrival date was June 27 to Hawaii. She paid extra postage to get it quicker. The seller sent the pkg out right away and of course it landed in Richmond, CA and has been stuck there from June 22 with no movement. Today is July 2. The seller is concerned and offered to mail me another pkg but I would have to return the other item once it arrives. We have decided to wait for the first pkg..what if the replacement pkg arrives in Richmond, CA too!! There will be 2 pkgs sitting there for weeks! Our other mail order items arrive quickly and efficiently when it goes through other sorting facilities. Something is very wrong at that sorting center. I am going to file a complaint with the US Postal Service. Hopefully with enough complaints, that facility will be inspected and improved.

Has anyone received their packages? I live in Hawaii and ordered something on June 12.. it was shipped on June 13.. and it has been stuck in Richmond, CA since June 18. Today is July 2. I would like to know if anyone has received their packages.. AT ALL. Should I wait a few more weeks for my items?

Well thanks to the USPS Richmond Sort facility I have to give money back to a buyer. I sent a small lens filter June 15, 2012 via certified mail and it went from Fort Pierce Florida to the Richmond facility where it DISAPPEARED. Calling and getting a "case number" is a joke. Three days later when I called to ask about the progress of my case number the USPS customer service rep told me "you should be getting a call by close of business today". WHAT a LAUGH! Nobody called, not that day, or the next ten days after that. I'm certian that the USPS customer service reps have a list of great lies to tell customers to get them off the phone quickly so they can resume playing Angry Birds. If you need reliable shipping be certian to ship it UPS or FedX because the USPS is broken, they will let you down, and they just DON'T CARE. Save yourself the headache, steer your business away from the USPS.

I live all the way in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Beautiful island of GUAM (U.S. Trust Territory). My 2 packages was process very quickly and smooth from the Vendors on June 15 from Apopka, FL. As soon as it arrived at Richmond, CA for acceptance on June 20, then to Richmond, CA Depart Sort Facility on June 21, It stops and NO movement from there... It's is now hitting the 4th week mark. I will consider the 6 weeks delivery services. So I will post again on July 23 (or before that date). Receive it or NOT I will post so hopefully this would help future expecting delivery orders...

Please see Why packages seem to “disappear” into the Richmond, California sort facility. It turns out the the explanation for all this is very simple.

I live in Hawaii too and hate it when my ebay purchases go through through the Richmond sort facility.

Here`s how to fix things in the future.

Never purchase from any seller who ues economy shipping (parcel post, media mail etc).

I`ve learned my lesson. I either ask the seller for the option of paying for faster shipping (Priority Flat rate if it fits), or I find another seller who uses expidited shipping or atleast gives the option to upgrade.
I also let the seller know that Flat rate Priority boxes are alot of times cheaper than Parcel Post, and will definately get to me faster.

Watch out, "standard shipping" could include parcel post, so make sure to clarify with the seller what method of shipping their standard shipping is.

I`ve found that it has taken atleast 18 days for anything sent via Parcel post to Hawaii, because yes... it doss sit until the container is full, then travels by BOAT.

The worst ever! I live in Hawaii and do a lot on EBay however any time my tracking says Richmond CA I know I'll either not get it or it will be like 3+ weeks!!!!

Here is the phone number for the Richmond, CA USPS sort facility. 510-528-5601 The problem is that they leave the phone off the hook. I imagine it is because they don't want to deal with all the pissed off people.

There is hope! I live in Hawaii and also had a package routed through the Richmond USPS sort facility (from Amazon). I paid for standard shipping. USPS tracking showed that the package had arrived in Richmond on July 10 and departed the facilities on July 11...and sure enough, a week later (July 18) the package has arrived in Honolulu and is currently out for delivery. So hooray, not all packages that go through this facility are doomed!

I did call USPS customer service twice out of concern after reading the posts on this website, and they were surprisingly helpful. It takes a little work tricking their automated system into routing you to an actual person, but it's worth the effort. I originally called the 510 number listed above and had no luck getting through.

Depart USPS Sort Facility
2012-06-29, 00:00:00, RICHMOND, CA 94804

That's what my package "tracking" says. It is now July 18th, so fucking ridiculous. The part I REALLY need to get my car running, and this damn USPS service, that I paid extra for, is causing my delay! Absolutely furious.

Wow dude I'm from Saipan and two of my packages have been there since July 7th and now it's the beginning of august. I don't understand why they don't just shut that place down. I read on wikipedia that Richmond CA is one of the most crime filled cities in the world. Hmmm I hope I get my packages SOON

Saipan? I'll bet it takes a long time to fill up the container headed in your direction.

Please see the earlier post/comment. My best information is that parcel post packages are loaded into containers at Richmond but not scanned.

Eventually (which is the operative word here) the container is closed up and then loaded onto a boat. I'm sure it sits there for a while as other containers are loaded on top of it. Then off to Saipan (or wherever). At the other end it gets unloaded but apparently not scanned either. So the first opportunity you may have to find out where your package is will be when it hits your local sorting facility.

Aw man, I was researching when my package would come and after reading this I'm worried. It just reached this Richmond office about an hour ago and is estimated to arrive on Aug 1-4... I hope it will arrive on time instead of just sitting there.

I ordered a package on eBay on July 23rd and it got to Richmond on the 25th... and I live 10 minutes away from that facility! I ordered from this seller on ebay before who is from Virginia and got a package within 3 days from USPS...now it's August 5th and I don't have this package. I got a case number, then the local USPS store called and said once they get the package they'll ship it.,.well thanks, that doesn't help at all.

CANT BELIEVE THIS!!! I googled my problem and found this site and obviously RIchmond usps is a joke.

I imagine I'll outgrow my new sneakers by the time they leave Richmond. I'm 41, by the way.

PS - Good work, Larry!

I am soo SICK of this sorting facility. Every time a package goes through Richmond CA, it takes a minimun of a month. What is it? A sighn of California's economy, a reality of our failing govrnment. How come there is no number to contact them? The other facilitys give me the run around and have no answers... Someone PLEASE help!...

Guam destination here...same problem! stuck in Richmond sort facility...tracking info hasn't changed for weeks...it really is a black hole. WTF is going on over there!

I have the same problem trying to ship something to Guam. The projected delivery date is Aug 16 2012, today is September 12 2012. I can't get in contact with the facility either. I can't believe this facility is allowed to keep operating like this.

I can't believe no one has addressed this issue with so many people having the same problem. I wish I lived near them so I could go there personally. My package was sent from Massachusettes (East coast) on the way to Louisiana (Southern coast) by way of California (West Coast). No wonder the post office is losing money!!! I'm going to write a letter to my US senators and representatives to get some action moving. My package to date has been sitting there for 4 days collecting dust. I can't get mad at the shipper, they sent it the day I purchased the item. No one at the post office I have spoken with seems to care or is able to do anything but say "Sorry, this is how it goes when you ship parcel post" as if this is excusable. There should be legal action taken. Class suit anyone???

2 packages were sent from Indianapolis to Hawaii on August 7th. Marked as departed from Richmond, CA. on August 11th. No change in tracking. It's been about 8 weeks now. Using this comment as a sort of anger management therapy. I thought that USPS would post some statistics/averages on mailing times/lost-package percentages, but I can't find any.

Same here. Now we have at least 5 packages stuck there in transit to our customers. Definitely it's a theft.

I did call Post Office customer service about my package not yet arrive at my home in Kaneohe. It is in USPS Sort Facility Richmond, CA. I complained about it. Then post office customer service worker told me about it shipped on boats to Honolulu, Hawaii from Richmond, CA for average package. USPS Sort Facility Richmond, CA can shipped Express Mail to airport goes to Hawaii quickly and can shipped Priority Mail to boat goes to Hawaii for one weekly slowly. Make me sick and hate that.

Depart USPS Sort Facility
October 09, 2012
--- Expected Delivery By:
October 19, 2012

Delivery Confirmation™

Processed through USPS Sort Facility
October 08, 2012, 8:08 am

Depart USPS Sort Facility
October 06, 2012

Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
October 05, 2012, 7:48 am

Dispatched to Sort Facility
October 04, 2012, 7:24 pm

October 04, 2012, 12:35 pm

Electronic Shipping Info Received
October 03, 2012

I sent out a package for my family on September 26,2012 from Killeen Texas. My package was supposedly reach American Samoa by October 12, 2012.I've checked the status online and calling different numbers for an assistance but I kept getting the same answer that my package left the Richmond CA sorting facility on September 30,2012. Would you please help me investigate my lost package through the Richmond CA sorting facility because they blocked their phone number from the public. I would appreciate any help that you can provide for me and my family to resolve this issue.

P.S: I have read other people's complains about the Richmond CA sorting facility known as the BLACK HOLE where all mail will disappear. I suggest that this facility should either be completely closed down or replace the upper managements and new crew to help the people get compensation and all mail deliver in a timely manner. I believe this facility in Richmond California owes the community a whole lot for not processing or delivering mail at all or not on time. We need to stop this BLACK HOLE before it ruins Christmas again and ripoff low income families. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for listening.


I have the same issue...but my delivery status says it departed the Richmond sort facility.It has been 6 days and it still did not reach anywhere. Maybe it fell out of the plane lol

Found this site on Google and thought I chime in too. I happen to live in the bay area. The package was shipped from Vallejo (maybe 30 or more minutes away) on 10/27. It somehow got mishandled and was sent to Los Angeles on 10/28. Then on 10/30 it got to Richmond, CA [Processed through USPS Sort Facility]. I called the Consumer Affairs in Richmond 510-874-8737 [formerly 510-622-7420 listed above] and they say it may now take 3-4 days since it is surface mail. I live 30 minutes away...how does it take that long?

My package is comming from Daluth MI to Holbrook NY , delivery Date says oct 25 its was mailed on the 19th. Still no updates on the Label number other then the 19th , can anyone help , or tell me what the hell is going on.

Chiming in...I'm going to manifest that my package arrives. After reading these comments I figure that's all I can do...but I'm still writing their number down and calling them tomorrow ;-) It is true that they hold packages until containers are full, but I didn't think that applied to Priority Mail. I'm opening an online store and now I'm extremely concerned that when I mail out my items, they'll get stuck in RICHMOND, CA and I'll have serious customer service issues! I live in Hawaii too, and ebay purchaser too and I will post "when" my package arrives! Good luck everyone! I'm glad I found this site, if not I would be spinning my wheels. Aloha!

Chiming in too...I can only manifest that my package will arrive. It's all I can do, but I plan to call the 510 number tomorrow ;-) I am also waiting for an ebay package to arrive, that was a winning bid on ebay (sigh) and...I live in Hawaii. I'm opening an online store soon and now I'm concerned that I'll have serious customer service issues if my packages are sent to RICHMOND, CA - the not-so-new BLACK HOLE. Good luck everyone! I'll repost "when" my package arrives. I'll be happy with better late than never. Aloha!

I feel all your pain, I've had three different packages sitting in that post office, three times. All took 1 month to get to me, must be the snake pit of holding tanks for Hawaii. Most likely not the workers fault, most likely what they are instructed to do, and keep their heads low. I bet they have a beer on the day the container gets filled. Or maybe even two beers, hell I'd drink a case. I live near the docks in Honolulu have you ever seen the size of a container? They are huge! I think I will go have a beer and call the Consumer Affairs just for a laugh cause doesn't seem like they give a shit either!

they gotta do something about this facility..are most of their employee an elderly? they need to hire youngster to sort it fast!


Am adding my story to this list. I ordered a package from San Francisco to be mailed to Pittsburgh PENNSYLVANIA. It was mailed 10/23/12 with Confirmation Delivery. It is now 11/28/12 and it has been stuck at the Richmond California Facility since 11/14, scanned 3 times!
Best of all, first it went to Pittsburg CALIFORNIA (I thought that zip codes were supposed to prevent that).
I've been very pleased with the Post Office in the past, but this place must be really messed up.

I ordered 4 Hawaiian Shirts on Nov 16th, 2012. They left Honolulu on the 19th and arrived at the Richmond sort facility on the 21st. While I didn't expect anything to be done on Thankgiving my tracking info says that they left Richmond facility on Friday Nov.23rd. No further updates and I never got the package. I complained to USPS and my only response was from the Post Office in Napa (where I live) saying that they never received it and it must still be in Richmond. How many people are going to lose packages
before the Post Office does something about it ??????????

I have a package that has been at the Richmond Sort Facility sinc 11/19/12. The tracking shows it departed on that date, but based on the comments posted here, I know it may take a long time to get to it's destination as it is going to Saipan. I can't believe that so many people have had problems and the Post Office will do nothing about it! This place should be shut down. I have called the Customer Service number and will see if I get a response, but I don't have an expection that it will arrive anytime soon. What a crock!

i myself had a problem with the black hole. I had packed up 4 boxes to be shipped to my daughter in hawaii from new york. the first package was sent out on Nov 13th the second on Nov 16 the last 2 in the 19th. the postal worker told me if i get out my packages before thanksgiving there will be no problems. well on different days my packages all made it to richmond CA. and thats where it stayed. after trying to call all these numbers and file complaints i was told to bad that once it released from richmond it could take 30 days to put on a boat and another 7 to get to hawaii. These were all presents for my daughter and my and my husbands clothes. after getting sick of getting nowhere i wrote to the postmaster general and explained the situation. 2 days later all my boxes arrived at my daughters house. so bypass everyone else and keep sending letters to the postmaster maybe he will finally realize the problems and actually find a solution for it. send your letters out overnight. I sent my letter out on a friday nov 30th and my daughter had all the packages by tuesday dec 4th.

My 4 Hawaiian shirts ( see comment 2 above) still haven't arrived. I contacted 7 ON Your Side KGO SF, KPIX CBS 5 Consumer Watch SFO, and Stanley Roberts KRON SFO (People Behaving Badly) about this sort facility. I am hoping one of them will be willing to take a look at this facility and what is going on there. My local Post Office in Napa has been great. They have called each day and let me know if there has been any progress and to apologize for the problems at sort facility.

I have a Christmas present sitting there right now! Why they don't fix this issue is beyond me! Hopefully it will get her before Christmas, but I'm not counting on it.

I too am a victim of the Richmond black hole. My granddaughter's xmas gift has been sitting there since 12-6-12. A call to FedEx about the lost package said it's out of their hands... a USPS problem now. They would do NOTHING. The USPS phone number the FedEx woman gave me got NO where. I googled Richmond CA USPS facility & came up with this web page. The package was our xmas gift for our granddaughter in San Carlos CA... an Amazon purchase with "free shipping." Next call was to Amazon (had to google them for a help number... ever try to find a phone number on Amazon site???). The guy there was SUPER helpful & said since the package missed it's delivery date they would cancel the order or replace it. It's suppose to arrive the 17th.... Thanks Amazon!!

I am also in Hawaii. I try to avoid parcel post like the plague it is (6 weeks to come here by ship!, which means Richmond), but god damn if my USPS PRIORITY sent package with super expensive $40.00+ postage ended up in that hell hole sort facility. It's 9 days overdue as of today, don't believe I will ever see this package.

Wow - I sent my Dad and brothers presents to Kauai on November 24th and it's still not there!!!! It was supposed to arrive on December 10th.

It was bad enough my online order being processed was delayed because of Hurricane Sandy hitting the eat coast in November, but to have be sent to the Richmond facility is ridiculous. I have ordered many things online before and this is the first time I encounter something like the Richmond facility.

Being from Hawaii and reading what everyone has said about packages coming in by boat which may take up to 6 weeks, I wouldn't be surprised if I get my package next year considering it's already December 20th. I was somewhat "lucky" though considering my package was processed within a day and departed soon afterward.

I'm just praying and hoping my package is indeed on a boat on it's way to Hawaii, but I'll wait for a few more weeks before I do send out a complaint just in case it does arrive.

My package trail:

Depart USPS Sort Facility
December 10, 2012
Delivery Confirmation™

Processed through USPS Sort Facility
December 09, 2012, 12:25 pm

Depart USPS Sort Facility
December 05, 2012

Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
December 05, 2012, 1:48 am

Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility
December 05, 2012, 12:33 am

I mailed Christmas presents from Texas to my grandchildren in Newark CA on December 10, 2012 in 2 medium size boxes. One arrived safely and on time. I sent them parcel post and the mail clerk assured me that was plenty of time. The horror story came with the second package that had most of the presents inside. My granddaughter's birthday is December 23 so I included a birthday wrapped gift. Next comes the really strange part. I put the birthday wrapped gift in a small separate box that I had received in the mail that still had my address label on it. I put that small box INSIDE the medium box with gifts of clothing on top to make sure it wouldn't get damaged. I did not tape the small box, just folded the lid down. The package did not get there on the 17th but since I mailed it parcel post assumed that it was just taking a little longer because of Christmas. Okay for the strange part, I received the small box back that had been INSIDE the medium box. Where are the rest of the contents? I started looking online for a phone number to call Richmond CA. The last place that the package was scanned, when I came upon this website. Surely, something must be done about this black hole! My tracking is as follows:
Label # 0312 2120 0002 0384 2277
Depart USPS Sort December 14,2012 Richmond, CA 94804

Processed through USPS December 13, 2012 Richmond, CA 94804
Sort Facility 7:27 pm

Depart USPS Sort Facility December 11, 2012 Dallas, TX 75398

Processed at USPS Origin December 11, 2012 Dallas, TX 75398
Sort Facility 4:13 pm

Dispatched to Sort December 10,2012 Tyler, TX 75702
Facility 5:09 pm

Acceptance December 10, 2012 Tyler, Tx 75702
2:07 pm

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I sent something December 14. It "departed" from Richmond, CA on December 18. It's now December 26 and there is no update. I sent something else that day that also went thru Richmond, CA on the same day and it was delivered the day before Christmas. I have no idea where the other package is. I called the 510-874-8737 (updated) number and was told the same thing about it sitting on a truck until they had enough packages to take them, which could be quite awhile. He said with the holidays, it might be awhile, and that I should wait until next week to expect an update. Sigh! This is an eBay package worth over $100 so I'm gonna be mighty pissed if it doesn't make it to its destination! :(

My package was sent it from Haines Alaska. I was told it would take 6 weeks.My complaint is why does it say Dec 24th for the est delivery. I can understand the need to wait for a full boat to Hawaii...that is the ecological and economical way to go, but let us know in the tracking process...glad I have the spendy package insured!


Package Services

Depart USPS Sort Facility

December 23, 2012


Expected Delivery By:
December 24, 2012

Delivery Confirmation™

Processed through USPS Sort Facility
December 22, 2012, 7:26 am
Depart USPS Sort Facility
December 19, 2012
Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
December 19, 2012, 1:10 am
Dispatched to Sort Facility
December 01, 2012, 3:30 pm
HAINES, AK 99827
December 01, 2012, 2:31 pm
HAINES, AK 99827


I shipped a $480 item to a person who purchased something from me on Ebay- I shipped Priority mail and it was at the Richmond sorting facily for 7 days lost when it finally got to the destination the package was EMPTY according to the usps from that city- Their is Thiefs at the Richmond sorting facily!! I can not get answers from anyone let alone help! I am planning on filing a consumer affair with USPS and possibly further at this point- I would like to get a list of names and emails of individuals to present to them of others who have lost/ stolen merchandise from the Richmond sorting facilty. This is a serious matter that needs to be looked into.

Please send in your info to cinderella_5900@yahoo.com


I am in the same situation as everyone else. I sent out my package Dec 13th to Hawaii for Dec 26th arrival and here we are Jan 2nd and no package. My package seems to be stuck at the Richmond Sorting Facility. I plan to call the Inspector General to inform them of the situation with this incompetent facility. I would encourage anyone having mail deliverance problems with this facility to call 1-888-877-7644 M-F 11am-3pm EST and report the problem. Hopefully after receiving many calls they can investigate this dump of a facility. Good Luck to all!!

Did you ever get your belongings?

The place needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom. They need new management, staff, equipment, and process. You could throw in some good ivr system software while you're at it so there's a quick way for customers to provide feedback or complaints.

Richmond Calif Post office FAIL! RUINED OUR CHRISTMAS!

On December 9th a Christmas gift for a dear family member went thru Richmond California post office and it has since disappeared! It has been over a month since it went through this post office. Unacceptable! Close this post office down if they can't stop being so incompetent! * Very Angry* Where is my package?? Will I have to wait until next Christmas for it to be delivered???

I too have been a victim of this horrible, wretched facility. What can we do to fix this problem? I emailed Governor of California Jerry Brown and maybe, hopefully, he'll have time to look into this very serious issue. I am a law student and am missing the very expensive law books that I have ordered. I am pissed!

I'm also a victim of the facility. Ordered an item on Dec.16 and it's now Jan. 15 and no item!!!! What's up with that? I'm thinking of writing the post master general. I don't get it!!! I think the truth is, as others have said, the black hole is in an area of high crime and I think they need to investigate the folks who work there.

I've had issues with this too! I ordered a package on eBay and it's stuck at the Richmond CA sorting facility as well--for nearly a month--ordered it on Dec.16. Didn't realize until today that Richmond is a city with an extremely high crime rate. It rates a 7 out of 100 (with 100 being the safest) so not a very safe place and the sorting facility is in the worst part of town!!!!! I think what we have is a case of a bunch of thiefs whose hands are in the cookie jar!!!!

OMG On Dec. 10 I ordered a special custom pinata for my grandsons birthday which is on Januuary 26th, the delivery date said Dec. 25-31. I thought great I have plenty of time. Well here it is Jan. 14 and I haven't received it. Tracking says its been in Richmond for over 3 weeks? I'm getting worried, I opened a case but they said my item could take 6-8 weeks to get here, shipping was not cheap either! I would not have ordered it if I knew it was going to take this long, now I don't know where I can get one on the island. Only three places sell pinatas here, two are sold out and Wal Mart has only "girly" ones. I'm waiting and hoping it will arrive.

Thiefs at Richmond Sorting Facility!!!! From now on I think I'll just order from companies that use UPS or FEDEX. I have two packages stuck at Richmond CA. One was ordered on Amazon Dec 27 and another was ordered Dec 13 on Ebay. It's now Jan. 25!!!!
They need to investigate this place!!!

WOW, I never knew this place had such a BAD reputation...this is messed up. I ordered a valentine's gift on Feb 6th for my girlfriend. It is now Feb 19th, 2013. It went as follows: tracking # 9461211201080863007009

That was nine days ago it was supposed to have left the facility. I believe someone is stealing packages left and right.
Depart USPS Sort Facility
February 10, 2013
USPS Tracking / Delivery Confirmation™

Processed through USPS Sort Facility
February 09, 2013, 7:11 pm

Depart USPS Sort Facility
February 07, 2013

Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
February 07, 2013, 3:57 am

Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility
February 07, 2013, 2:42 am

Electronic Shipping Info Received
February 06, 2013

If the package does not arrive TODAY I am demanding my $$$ back and filing a complaint with the Postmaster general.

Im having the same problem as everyone else it would seem, but my parcel is headed to Guam. Tracking indicates the parcel left Richmond CA 11 days ago...and now its vanished? ...Or is it really still just sitting in Richmond? It's an ebay transaction, insured...but no idea if that will even make a diffrence. Here is my tracking progress:

Depart USPS Sort Facility
Feb-11-13, 00:00 AM, RICHMOND, CA 94804

Processed through USPS Sort Facility
Feb-10-13, 23:33 PM, RICHMOND, CA 94804

Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
Feb-09-13, 14:10 PM, DENVER, CO 80217

Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility
Feb-09-13, 12:55 PM, COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80906

Depart USPS Sort Facility
Feb-09-13, 00:00 AM, DENVER, CO 80217

I'm wondering if I should only mail off the continental US using UPS or FedEx. Im sure its more expensive, but at least I wont run into this problem next time.

I hate you UPS! I was so excited to see that my package was in California, which meant one step closer to flying in to Hawaii but then you have to give me an unexpected surprise by transferring my package to the Richmond Post Office of all places!?

Anyway, I ordered my package on Feb. 10 and estimated time of delivery was Feb. 18. Well turns out that after the sender mailed the package from the East coast to California via USPS, they requested it to be transferred to USPS and lo an behold it ends up at RIchmond.

From the looks of it after being processed, it's in a standstill container. Most likely it's in a container to Hawaii waiting to be filled up until it's ready to be shipped out by boat.

Processed through USPS Sort Facility
February 19, 2013, 1:16 pm

Electronic Shipping Info Received
February 19, 2013

Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility
February 19, 2013, 11:55 am

Praying and hoping my package departs the facility soon, because I'm scared to know what would happen if my package were to stay there for another few days. Hopefully my package departs on Monday and arrives within the first week of March, since it takes about a week by boat to arrive in Hawaii. Right now, it's a going to be a waiting game for me.

I'll update the progress of my package soon.


OMG...I am also in Hawaii, on the Big isle and it's frustrating. I have two packages that "disappeared" over at the Richmond, CA sort facility...

Depart USPS Sort Facility

February 02, 2013


USPS Tracking / Delivery Confirmation™

Processed through USPS Sort Facility

February 01, 2013, 4:33 pm


Depart USPS Sort Facility

January 29, 2013


Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility

January 29, 2013, 8:24 am


Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility

January 29, 2013, 7:09 am


Electronic Shipping Info Received

January 28, 2013

Here's the other one:

Depart USPS Sort Facility

February 07, 2013


Expected Delivery By:
February 16, 2013

USPS Tracking / Delivery Confirmation™

Processed through USPS Sort Facility

February 06, 2013, 5:29 am


Depart USPS Sort Facility

February 02, 2013


Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility

February 02, 2013, 5:03 pm


Dispatched to Sort Facility

February 01, 2013, 5:30 pm



February 01, 2013, 12:16 pm


I don't get it...it's already 02-24-13 as I write this...gonna try to call this place and see WTH is going on...I just want, like everyone here, my damn packages.

I sell books on ebay and a customer in Hawaii just emailed me this morning and said that he still had not received his book which I shipped on February 11th, and tracking says "departed" this Richmond, CA post office on the 16th. I started doing a search on the Richmond,CA post office and found this blog. What is going on? Do they send packages to Hawaii by canoe or is someone stealing stuff?? I will call USPS today but it looks like this place has had a problem for some time and it really needs to be fixed.

The best information I have received locally from post office workers is that at Richmond, mail is loaded into a container. If the "departed Richmond" scan is done at that point, and it appears that sometimes it isn't even done, then the container has to be filled and then loaded on a boat. If you're lucky and your package is the last one in before they close the doors, then some time is saved. If you're unlucky and the package is the first tossed into an empty container, then it will take more time.

What can be done about this, I don't know, as long as mail is containerized and shipped by boat.

Again, this information is based on what I have been told informally.

A related problem is that the delivery estimates given by the USPS tracking system are pure fiction. The packages arrive weeks after the delivery estimate given by their system.


I've ordered one item on the 3rd of February and the other on 6 February and here it is the 27th and the last stop was the USPS sort facility in Richmond, CA with no other updates. I'm trying to call the facility and no cigar on that one and with that said if I don't get my merchandise I'm cancelling both items. I'm sick and tired of having to deal with that damn facility.

I live on the big island of hawaii & I will take this matter to the top and can't let this happen any longer, so much angry customers and not enough actions!!! Everyone needs to do this!!! Write a letter of your matter concerning your packages & send it to the board of postal service... They need letters to show that this is happening worldwide! I will post the address on here and if all of u help out then we could actually have this solved or even get our money back!!! We order our package and when we don't get it, it defeats the purpose of delivery time. It doesn't make since if Christmas, birthdays, or special holidays pass and we don't receive it... Take actions everyone and we could win it!!! Think positive. Who's in this to win this ; ) I am...

I am "in the same boat" as an eBay seller with a buyer in Hawaii. Sent package 2/5 - still hasn't arrived as of 2/27. I did insure the package but the USPS person I spoke with confirmed that packages will wait - the boat to Hawaii goes out twice a month so it's usually at least a 2-3 week ship time. Wish the clerk at the PO would have told me. Have no recourse now but to wait and see if the package does indeed arrive in Hawaii. The USPS worker I spoke to said she answers calls for this exact issue all day long and was apologetic (even after I yelled SIX WEEKS??? - but then calmed down as it's obviously not her fault, she's not in charge of the container system). This whole headache could have been avoided if the clerk had told me to send First Class, I would have happily paid more to get the item to the buyer in a reasonable amount of time. Never again.

I'm a guitarist and I just moved to Oahu from New York. I had my folks ship my pedalboard out here on 2/12. It's insured out the wazoo but, i need it for gigs! it "departed the richmond facility" on the 19th... I guess I'm in for a long wait. Is USPS gonna pay for the damn rental gear I'm gonna have to use for my upcoming gigs??? yeah didn't think so...

So I posted a few posts up...I thought I only had two items at this dreaded sort facility that supposedly departed, but in fact, I actually had 5!!! However, i did receive ONE of the items after almost a months wait. Damn I am just SO glad I did not order anything perishable or edible...damn this Richmond Sort Facility!!! I frequent eBay, and now am somewhat paranoid and ask sellers if they know the "route" before I buy items and I send them this link to explain why I am asking such a stupid question...so let's see IF or when my four other items will arrive and what friggin' condition they will be in once they do arrive on the Big Isle...
I REALLY HATE the Richmond Sort Facility...


I have recently started the process of dealing with Richmond sort facility too, and like others here I googled USPS Richmond, California and found this site. I also complained to the Post office about the package (it was sent FedEx-Smartpost) and they are supposedly investigating it. My package started out in Kansas City and went to Des Moines Iowa and then it should have gone to Nebraska but instead ended up in the Richmond sort facility(which is near San Francisco). From there it went to Bell Gardens California (which is near Los Angeles). I highly suspect criminal activity is alive and well in Richmond and that the United States Attorney General needs to be made aware of much of what is on this and other blogs concerning Richmond sort facility. The most interesting item is that the day my package arrived in Richmond I started receiving bogus emails from (a fake) FedEx site saying I needed to print the email as a receipt. Of course I did not print it but rather called FedEx and told them about the emails (yes plural).They investigated and stated that Richmond told them it wasn,t any of their business as the package was in the USPS system now. I will inform Amazon next and then gather my documentation and file with the US attorney General. With
budget cuts I'm sure they'll jump right on it. Viva the revolution.

Yes, I have the same problem here. My package got stuck at Richmond sort facility for a month already. I called the USPS customer service, and they said they would investigate. Weeks have passed and I still received NO answer from them. I suggest EVERYONE on this page who lost their stuff should file a group complaint to the authority to get their attention. As a group, we could remove this big theft then we would save the other victim like us. REMOVE the THEFT at Richmond USPS sort facility!

If you are serious on getting your stuff back and removing this theft. We could
File a Mail Theft Complaint with Postal Inspectors at

File as a group of 100 people would be more effective than one individual.
What do you think about my idea?


This is Lila Ann & i am like everyone who posted comments regarding this HELL HOLE i bought a ballet flat shoes from ebay the seller said she shipped it out on Mar. 16th cleared from the BRONX sort facility, then cleared at NEW JERSEY sort facility and now when i punch in the tracking# its telling me that it departed from RICHMOND CALIFORNIA on the 21st of March it is now March 28th & still no ballet shoes from ebay. What the HELL IS GOING ON HERE!! & now i don't know where its headed!!! I am so pissed right now b/c in all my purchases from ebay did not take this long period. So today i went to my local POST OFFICE and gave them the tracking# and she told me that anything parcels that goes to RICHMOND CA sort facility goes by BOAT!!! REALLY????? BOAT?????? & told me that it could take up to 4 to 6 weeks. Help can someone give me more info PLEEZE!!!!!!! Does anyone know if this sort facility is HAUNTED?????

Like others here I googled USPS Richmond, California and found this site, because I mailed a package to Modesto, CA that was to arrive before Easter and as far as I can tell, first it was sent from the Richmond Facility to the Danville, CA for a couple of days, then back to Richmond on March 31st, and I have a feeling that is the last we are going to see of any tracking progress for awhile. We have had problems before, but didn't realize how wide spread this issue is with this facility. I wish I would have seen this site earlier. Hopefully, we will be able to use FedEx or UPS from now on. No more UPSP to CA for this family.

It is a shame. When the USPS loses its integrity, (RICHMOND will be the USPO's Downfall) it will cease to exist. Where is the NEWS reporting when you need them?? Can't you imagine buy a box of Corn Flakes and finding ants in them all the time? This is the type of Management we have at RICHMOND. If this was a private company, the US GOV. would be investigating. But since the Postal Inspectors mind their own shop, it makes one wonder about integrity. Richmond has been a problem way too long. The people, and government officials need to take action now. There is a better probability or chance of sending a package to the moon and getting it delivered than it is to get mail through Richmond. What a shame, but this is postal management and basically thieves letting this take place. What a shame.

was 0310 2640 0000 6461 5318 ever delivered?

That package was never delivered, according to USPS tracking. If you have a tracking number, just plug it in to the tracking form on the USPS website, or faster still, paste it into Google. I suppose it's possible that the delivery scan never happened for some reason.

Package Services
Expected Delivery By: May 29, 2012

Processed through USPS Sort Facility May 25, 2012, 9:27 am RICHMOND, CA 94804

USPS Tracking / Delivery Confirmation™

Depart USPS Sort Facility May 22, 2012 MEMPHIS, TN 38136

Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility May 22, 2012, 11:38 am MEMPHIS, TN 38136

Dispatched to Sort Facility May 21, 2012, 5:07 pm CHATTANOOGA, TN 37405

Acceptance May 21, 2012, 1:53 pm CHATTANOOGA, TN 37405


Thats pretty scary- I have one hanging out there since 3/19- my other 2 were delivered on 4/1 already in Japan. Makes me think my 3rd carton missed the boat and now has to wait for the next one to make it to land again. I will never ship anything overseas again. I am very thankful for this site. I thought I was going crazy. And neither the USPS or the Military Post Office would help me. Just kept getting the same answer over and over again. Which was no answer at all really. Just a copy/paste of the same 2 emails, sending me back and forth.

Crazy how many packages get lost in the Bermuda triangle called Richmond. Trying to find anything out from the post office is a waste of time at best. I've done numerous calls and filed complaints over the last two weeks and it appears that it's not even possible to get a response from the sort facility. My package arrived there 25 DAYS ago and nothing. Clearly they have a huge theft problem there and nothing is being done about it. I've never found a company besides USPS that takes zero responsibility for its failures and shows no interest in either making it right or fixing the problem for the customer.

Processed through USPS Sort Facility

Mar-31-13, 00:55 AM, RICHMOND, CA 94804

Depart USPS Sort Facility

Mar-29-13, 00:00 AM, DES MOINES, IA 50395

Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility

Mar-28-13, 12:03 PM, DES MOINES, IA 50395

Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility

Mar-28-13, 01:27 AM, SIOUX FALLS, SD 57104

Depart USPS Sort Facility

Mar-28-13, 00:00 AM, SIOUX FALLS, SD 57104

Dispatched to Sort Facility

Mar-27-13, 17:50 PM, ABERDEEN, SD 57401

Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility

Mar-27-13, 15:38 PM, ABERDEEN, SD 57401

Hi Everyone,
I had two packages I was expecting and one was sent through the US Postal Service while the bigger package was sent to UPS Richmond facility. The first package arrived in 5 days but the second one after 9 days of waiting has yet to be delivered. I checked Track Order through Home Shopping Network and the last activity showed was in Tennessee and going to UPS facility in Richmond. I inadvertently called The UPS Store in Richmond and the person who answered gave me the number to the UPS Richmond Facility so here is the number folks!!! (510) 262-2443!!!! The agent who was helping me on the phone said that my package should arrive by Friday. Well, it was supposed to arrive yesterday May 6, 2013 so I will be calling them again in the next few days. I will be finding a way to get to upper management regarding these concerns we all have as my brother works in that facility in the warehouse so he can give me names. In the meantime, keep calling that number (510) 262-2443.

The number you have given is for UPS (United Parcel Service), which is different from USPS, US Postal Service. Sorry to hear that you're having problems with them, but calling that number won't help the multitudes who are trying to locate their mail sent through the USPS Richmond Sort Facility.

I live in Hawaii and it seems that every time I order an over sized package from Amazon such as a desktop computer in which I pay a reasonable price for shipping--it gets sent to Richmond. Perhaps this may have a lot to do with how much one pays for shipping--as in you get what you pay for.

That's exactly right. Your shipment is not going parcel post, so it doesn't get loaded into a container and shipped by boat.

Today is the 27th of May...I called the ASK-USPS number (which, naturally, only yields a computer voice to assist me), and it claims that my package "departed sort facility" May 19th. I'm hoping that means that it actually ended up on a ship. The "estimated delivery date" started out the 20th of May, changed to the 30th of May, and now shows up as the 31st of May. Like most unhappy customers, I am in Hawaii (on the Big Island), and was super excited (initially) to see that my packaged had reached California, because that usually means it's two or three days away. My excitement is now gone, and I am simply annoyed. Never shipping parcel post again.

18 May 2013 07:34 Package processed by local post office RICHMOND, CA
18 May 2013 07:20 Package processed by local post office RICHMOND, CA
17 May 2013 20:48 Shipment Acceptance at PO RICHMOND, CA
17 May 2013 20:43 Shipment Acceptance at PO RICHMOND, CA
17 May 2013 11:36 Shipment Info Received by Post Office RICHMOND, CA
Date Description Location
May 17 2013 Package transferred to Post Office SAN FRAN, CA
May 17 2013 Ready for post office entry San Leandro, CA
May 17 2013 Package received by dest MI facility San Leandro, CA
May 14 2013 Package transferred to dest MI facility Orlando, FL
May 14 2013 Package processed by Mail Innovations Orlando, FL
May 13 2013 Package received for processing Orlando, FL


i bet you'll love MY STORY! :p . . ."MY pkg, drove right by my house on the 13th of May"! it was out for local delivery, never delivered and NOW IT'S IN RICHMOND?!? wait, WHAAAT?!?!? HOW the hell did it go from Fort Myers, Florida, missing, then ending up in Richmond, Ca. on the 26th of May?!? ahaha! i too called the appropriate #'s but after all of your stories, i'm very curious to see how long "mine" will check in and get comfy. . . . >:0
thank you all for all your info! i actually got excited when i saw it was finally found n updated with something!!! but. . . . not so much anymore ahahahaaa! ;) an WOW over 2 yrs of complaints n nothing's changed?!? sad. has ANYONE ever received their pkgs???

Sharon, I think people do eventually receive their packages, but there's not much incentive to come back here and post a new comment.

For those who live in Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, etc., the first issue seems to be false promises about the delivery date. Probably those are computer-generated, and I wonder if that could be fixed (if the USPS cared to fix it).

Then, for parcel post, the packages are going to be sent by boat, which will take time. The real killer seems to be filling the container first, before loading the mail on the boat. I suppose one could luck out and the package is the last to be thrown into the container before the door is slammed shut, but on the other hand, the package might be the first one tossed onto an empty container floor and have to wait and wait until it is filled.

There's no information and we can only guess whether they actually have to fill a container or whether, after a time, a partially-filled container would be shipped.

And then there is the issue of scanning--it seems some packages are scanned when loading, some are not. So many of the reports show an entry scan into Richmond but no exit scan--the next thing that happens is an arrival scan at the far end.

Perhaps the best thing to do, for those stung once with the delay, is never to ship anything critical via parcel post again. Also, a package needs to be well-wrapped. It could end up at the bottom of the heap with a huge mass of packages on top. This might account for the reports of broken packages.


thanx Larry! . . . . .well, "i'm" happy to report my pkg was delivered, return to sender this morning!!! why?!? i dunno lol but i got a hold of the shipper and i was able to get a reship. SO, i was one of the lucky ones who's pkg checked IN to Richmond AND checked OUT only a few days later!!! :D there IS HOPE!!! i think from what i've read, most of the problems "seem" to be going to an Island by boat. hope ya'll eventually received your pkgs! :)

oh yeah! as far as the sort facility is concerned, the woman at consumer affairs says, they don't answer the phone because it's only a sorting facility and they don't have a # to the public! so don't waste your time calling them, just call the #800~275~8777 they have, if anything, the best answers or advice. :) good luck to all still waiting!

Another unhappy online shopper here stationed in Japan. Item shipped on 23 Apr arrived Richmond facility on 4 May tracking shows it departed the facility on 5 May. It's not 4 Jun and still no package and no updated via tracking number. Maybe they threw it in the ocean like a message in a bottle to see if I would get it. I don't blame the seller but it's been six week and I've requested a refund. This hell hole of a postal facility needs to be shut down forever. Think as a military member I will try to write my congressman to see what happens. After reading the post here no need to contact USPS because they obviously don't care. Hope it all works out for everyone pissed off as I am right now.

If you hear back from your congressman please consider posting the reply here. It will be interesting regardless of whether it offers help or not.

To all Richmond CA USPS BLACK HOLE victims. I've just sent the below message to cbsnews to report the unfortunate mail service provided by the Richmond CA USPS. If you wish to join me my endeavor send your feedback to http://www.cbsnews.com/htdocs/feedback/fb_news_form.shtml. Here is what I've submitted.

To Whom It May Concern:

I don't know if this warrants news investigation but I have been a recent "victim" of the BLACK HOLE in Richmond CA. There have been many other victims that would like to see this fixed. See comments at the below link.


Site Titled:
The Richmond, CA, USPS sort facility still out of sorts

by Larry Geller

I’ve written few articles that have received as many emails and comments as this one over time. The original story was posted on March 25, 2011, and indicated that something is drastically wrong with the postal service sort facility at Richmond, California. The latest comment came in just now. I’ve lost track of the number of emails since the article appeared.

You’d think they would fix it. The Richmond, CA sort facility is kind of like a black hole for packages. If your tracking info shows that a package has showed up there, better stay on it and make sure it escapes within a reasonable time.

Thank you,

Processed through USPS Sort Facility
June 26, 2013, 12:21 pm
Expected Delivery By:
June 4, 2013
USPS Tracking / Delivery Confirmation™
Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
June 19, 2013, 8:49 am
Depart USPS Sort Facility
June 19, 2013
Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
June 18, 2013, 8:47 pm
Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
June 11, 2013, 9:44 am
Depart USPS Sort Facility
June 9, 2013
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
June 8, 2013, 8:37 am
Depart USPS Sort Facility
June 6, 2013
Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
June 5, 2013, 12:23 pm
Dispatched to Sort Facility
May 28, 2013, 3:39 pm
SHELBY, NC 28150
May 28, 2013, 12:35 pm
SHELBY, NC 28150


In reply to the comment where the package was shuttled back and forth between the east and west coast:
What is the city and state of where you were sending it to?
Was it parcel post or is it priority?

Has anyone contacted the Bay Area press about this, yet? This looks like a story they would love to dwell on in their evening news.

Are you located in California? If so, perhaps you could sound out some media people to check out all these comments!

My wife sent out a package to me on July 15th, on July 20 the package was sitting in at Richmond, CA until Aug 4. The package should have been here by July 31. I was very upset with the postal service. I can not be with my family because I am in Korea right now. I think this sorting facility needs to be closed down, or get better management. To me this place has very low standards when it comes to the mail.

I contacted the folks at KGO SFO "7 On Your Side" KPIX Channel 5 SFO "Stanley Roberts, People Behaving Badly" KRON 4 SFO "Consumer Watch", and KTVU Channel 2 SFO regarding the issues with the sort facility at Richmond. I did this last October Not a single one of them were interested as much as to reply to my e-mail and I sent a link to each of them to this page. So much for the local media in the Bay Area........

Thank goodness for this blog/site! I mailed a 5-lb box destined for Hawaii on 8/13, I used tracking online, there were NO updates after 8/18. Since the deadend was at Richmond facility (which of 3 offices, I had to guess), I used Google to get all 3 offices' phone #s.

1st Richmond office, didn't answer; second sent me to a sort facility phone, they sent me to an business office of a surprised woman!

So, I used the 1-800 ASK USPS line. The first nice woman at that number could get nothing on her screen. She forwarded me to a woman who took the data for that and 2 other small pacakges (less than 3 oz. each) that got lost on the trip from Boston area to NYC for over 10 days).

This is Friday evening, I await a call back from the Research Dept. that the 2nd staff person assured me would happen on Monday. Too bad this offfice doesn't train the Black-Hole Richmond and NYC staffs! My local postal clerk told me a lot gets lost in NYC--she suspects it's due to volume and addresses with lots of street/apt./floor numbers that are incorrectly put on address labels.

I'll update this page when I get my update! Thanks for the forum!

Thanks for your report and yes, please do update here when you learn something!

In all the years mailing things since I was a wee little kid, I was able to confirm only once that the USPS lost something--and it was in New York City. It was my own fault for not requiring a signature on something valuable, I suppose, but nothing had ever gone lost, so I figured asking for verification would only be a big bother for the recipient, whom I knew worked during the day and so would have to go down to the PO to pick it up. So I wrapped up about $300 of opera CDs and mailed them to her. It turns out that the mailpeople routinely drop packages on the floor OUTSIDE the locked entranceway to the apartments. So someone picked up (stole) the package. I had no insurance. At least, I hope they liked the opera recordings. A lesson learned.


I have all the same problems. What should I do? I have called ASK USPS and they say that they are "INVESTIGATING IT".
September 29, 2013 , 12:36 pm
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
September 28, 2013 , 6:38 pm
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
September 26, 2013
Depart USPS Sort Facility
September 26, 2013 , 1:21 pm
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
September 26, 2013
Depart USPS Sort Facility
September 25, 2013 , 7:16 pm
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
September 24, 2013 , 2:57 am
Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
September 23, 2013 , 6:34 pm
Dispatched to Sort Facility
September 23, 2013 , 12:08 pm

You didn't say where the package is headed, but in any case, what I think we are learning here is that there's really nothing that can be done. It will arrive, one day.

If the sender knew how long it would take at the time of mailing, perhaps she/he would select another method of shipping.

Do you guys think i can get my package by the ed of this month? Please reply! My tracking number is 9400109699937398480411. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. (Oahu.)

I tried that tracking number but the USPS website says it doesn't work.

What I think is happening to most people who post here is that they eventually do get their packages. The issues seem to revolve around an unexpectedly long delay--in particular, the delivery date they were given at the time of mailing turns out to be grossly inaccurate. When the package finally arrives, there's no obligation, of course, to post here, so there's no good information to confirm this.

Hey Larry, its me again. I posted the last comment. Do you know about how long it takes to fill the container? I know you can be the last package or first one but how long did it take for you? Also do you think my package will come a lot after the delivery date? Sorry for the wrong tracking number. My tracking number is : 9114901159815399982697

Also thank you so much for this forum! It helped a lot. :D

Too early to worry about your package. I see it left San Jose on 10/15 and was recorded as leaving Richamond on the 17th, but not scanned in Honolulu yet. So probably (not certainly) it didn't go by air, because today is the 19th. But the estimated delivery date of 10/26 is certainly possible. See what happens. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones and it will arrive earlier than they said.

No, I don't know how long it takes to fill a container.

Hey Larry, so if it says "Depart USPS Sort Facility" At Richmond, does that mean its on the boat right now? So has it finished sorting and filling the containers?

We don't really know what that means. If it is in the container, it can't be scanned at all, right? So was it scanned before being put in? Probably. On the other hand, if it left Richmond by air, then it could be flying now. All of this is to say we just don't know. But again, expected delivery date is 10/26, so why not kick back and relax and see what happens.

Hi Larry,
I have a major worry regarding my package to Micronesia. The tracking munber is 9534621408213255000057. It was supposed to be delivered in Micronesia on Sept 28, but its almost a mont later and it still says depart Richmond. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I suspect it is on a boat to its destination, but I wonder if the boat makes stops along the way. Just a guess.

This blog has not been able to come up with a solution. But your report suggests one, and I am thinking of how to write a letter to a certain congressperson later this week (need to complete some work first).

I'm soo ticked right now I sent a package to Hawaii back on Sept 25th and it still hasn't reached my customer. They claimed it left on Oct 1st but doesn't take 25 days by boat from California to Hawaii. Any ideas on what may have happened? Tracking # 9449009699939284606983

This is one of the worst I've seen. I checked the tracking number just now (on Sunday) and there is no change. Thank you for including the tracking information. I think your package is the poster child of why this needs to be fixed. Now to try to do something with the example that would make a difference...

I'm a big "fan" of Richmond. I am from Saipan. I ordered chicken eggs. When the package finally reached me - they are already chickens. So I save on electricity for incubation. Keep up the "good work" USPS Richmond California.

I just wanted to look up Richmond Sort facility to see if there where any complaints filed against them and all but one website consists of complaints and bad reviews. I have researched the internet on how to contact the Postmaster General and also looked for active complaint claims on the Inspector General's website and so far have found nada. Getting the information you need to file and then trying to locate someone to contact or file with is close to impossible. I too am struggling with Richmond's Sort Facility. I have contacted my vendor to see if there's another alternative in shipping to divert my packages from Richmond without paying the high fee's of UPS or FED-EX which would cost me more than my package is worth. If I can get the right contacts, I plan on sending this link and others like it to someone who will hopefully give a s***. All I can picture when I think about the Richmond Facility is a bunch of lazy a** employees with smug grins on their faces as they carelessly handle or belongings because, and only because, They can. I'm so down for being apart of making them and their supervisors accountable so If you need my tracking numbers for every package that's been held up or late send me an email. I'd be more than happy to help! hhotbab@yahoo.com

I have the same problem with the sorting facility in Richmond. My friend sent me a package by registered post from Japan and it ended up in this facility on the 6th of November. Since then it has disappeared. I have managed to contact a person there but of no help. The only thing they can tell me is Registered packages now go as normal packages, really? why do people pay more for this service then. My post office managed to speak to speak to a supervisor and they really dont know what happened to this package and it is loss. Can you believe these disgusting people get away with this. We need to do something to shut this facility as they are a bunch of crooks stealing packages.

Same story here - package shipped Dec 19 2013 with tracking. "Expected Delivery Date" is Dec 26 2013, stuck in Richmond sort facility as of Dec 27 2013, and still no word as of today Dec 30. http://i.imgur.com/roOvzeS.jpg

On hold with USPS for >1 hour so far...

Anyone from Saipan that had a package (via Standard/ Parcel Post USPS) that went trough Richmond, CA, received successfully? I would like to know how long did it take to arrive from the time it left the sort facility to arrive in Saipan? Please share some information. Thank You!

UPSP Richmond, CA hasn't improved. Package going to Hawaii has been there 7 business days now. Ebay customer is getting pissed she wanted her item for an event. Sent package from Portland, Oregon 1/28/2014. Hit Richmond Fon 2/30. It's 2/7 and it's still there. USPS sucks. I will be shipping by UPS or Fedx from now on. From what I've read it is shipments to Hawaii that really need to be the biggest problem. That is where my package was supposed to go.

I got 12 various items I ordered on Ebay. All w/ tracking numbers. They all say they arrived at USPS Richmond, CA n processed on Jan. 20th 2014. Its Feb 9th n I haven't received anything. It still has the same info...wats going on? I live in Hawaii which makes it worse :-( email me if u got any suggestions : dfishman@Hawaii.edu. Aloha..

This is just ridiculous!!!, I purchased a text book from Amazon. It was shipped on Jan 14th, from Alhambra CA. Got to Richmond CA sorting facility, claimed to have been shipped from there on Jan 18th, today is February 11th and there is no sign of the book. The tracking indicates the book left the sorting facility on Jan 18th. Anytime I call to inquire about my package, am told one information or the other. This morning, I called the consumer affairs # and I was told it could TAKE BETWEEN 6-8 WEEKS. So WHY is the estimated tracking date different from what am being told this morning. SERIOUSLY!!! so between Richmond and Antioch, about 30mins drive away, it is going to take USPS 6-8weeks to deliver. Can somebody tell me where my book is located so I can intercept it.

Suggest you check with Amazon. Normally, their packages do not go via sea, but perhaps your text book has. Intercepting it will be tough, unless you can swim really fast. Sorry, I didn't mean to be flip about it, but all these reports are a bit overwhelming. Suggest asking Amazon to send another, and to let you refuse the original shipment when it gets to you, so that it goes back. I don't know if they'd do that, but there is nothing the USPS can do if your book is on the water someplace.

Please, please help me. I sent a package to my son in Fremont CA from the Bronx NY on January 18 to be delivered on January 22 and it has been sitting at the sorting facility ever since. Both my son and myself has been trying to get his package that contains some irriplaceable comics and other goodies that I thought he could use and no one is ever available to speak to us. I am and will be contacting my local media to have my story aired so that something gets done about this facility that no one is running. Why have peoples values go to a place where they are being handled by a machine? If anyone has a number or know the local cable channel out in Richmond or Fremont that I can send an email, please respond to my post. My son's comics were purchased in Canada on vacation and we will never be able to replace them

I live in Guam. I ordered a package from Plainfield, IN and it was shipped on April 16. It The shipping was pretty fast UNTIL it reached Richmond, CA. My package has been there since April 21. It's now May 7 (over 2 weeks in the black hole) and the USPS tracking information still hasn't changed. My other worry is, I ordered another package from Grove City, OH. It was shipped on May 1... the delivery was fast once again... then just checked the FedEx tracking today and it also just arrived in RICHMOND, CA.!! UGHHHH! Fudge!!

My parents sent me a package since April 22, still didn't get it....it'll be a month in like 4 days :( tracking # 9114901159818910953046. It still stuck in Richmond CA (cry). I have lost a package in Richmond CA once, so I am worried.....sigh.....

You guys are all lucky! My 3 BOXES was sent from Ohio on April 30, 2014 then it went to Richmond CA on May 4, 2014.
-TINIAN MP 96952

Where is the package..... ? Called 510-232-4314, but was referred to a disconnected number. Called again and nobody answer. Is this a real black hole? Can't believe no one is accountable. Trying to contact channel 7. Hope we get some break here.

Has anyone ever had success in getting their packages delivered after then went to the Richmond CA sort facility? I am losing hope now.

I'm sure that essentially all the packages are delivered after awhile. But few commenters come back here to report that. Hey, package has arrived! Problem solved. End of story.

Thanks Larry, if my package gets to its destination I will certinly post. I need hope and I would think others need it as well. Thanks much, Barb

Hey, my package got delivered! I had sent it to my daughter in Berkeley and she received it yesterday. Oddly, the tracking information shows that it is still at the Richmond sorting facility.

I promised that I would post back if the package arrived, so I am kerping my word. One success story to give others some hope. Thank you for this blog.

Barb_near_Chicago, thanks so much for your report!

It's amazing how the universe works. If I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for something to arrive or to be deposited, and I finally break down and call, it's amazing how often it gets delivered that very afternoon.

sorting office phone number is 510-874-8737...carla answered the phone and placed the blame on me for using standard mail....16 days and counting...gotta love the post office and lack of accountability

Sorry you have to deal with this. I hope your package gets there. Mine was eventually delivered after a month, but by then I was grateful that is was delivered at all. I will keep hoping for you.

Don't know what has happened to this package. Tracking # 9461210200881282840642. Mailed from Utah to Honolulu, Hawaii on August 12. Arrived at the Richmond facility on August 17. The dimensions for the box are 14x14.5x14.25 and weighs 11 pounds. Have called the 1-800 number 4 times and given a case number 3 different times. Called the Richmond facility yesterday and am still waiting for a response back. She couldn't tell me if the box was even put on a boat! REALLY? I am afraid the package has been lost... Not sure if it was damaged...it was a brand new box and the mailing label was taped on and I even put a delivery address on the inside of the box! On a plus note, I mailed another exact same sized package at the same time and it arrived to the Richmond facility on August 17 and was delivered to the address in Honolulu on August 25 # 9461210200830367200819. I am just hoping this missing box is on a very slow boat (dinghy)? I will update if I hear back from USPS or if the package ever gets delivered.

Status of Item
August 17, 2014 , 7:27 am
Arrived at USPS Facility
Your item arrived at our USPS facility in RICHMOND, CA 94804 on August 17, 2014 at 7:27 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

August 13, 2014 , 6:10 pm
Departed Post Office .
LAYTON, UT 84041

August 13, 2014 , 2:47 pm
Picked Up .
LAYTON, UT 84041

August 12, 2014 , 10:53 am
Shipping Label Created .


Lisa, thanks for your detailed report.
It would help almost everyone who has posted here if the USPS would do a scan when they put boxes into a container and then when the boat leaves, if that's possible. Probably, as you suggest, your box is on the dinghy and the other one got loaded into something faster, or maybe it left sooner. Who knows.

Please do report back, it helps in understanding this situation.

I just thought I would share, again. I'm fairly sure my package will arrive... eventually. But it's pretty close to two weeks since it "departed" <-- HaHa!!! the facility. Today is October 9, 2014.


September 28, 2014 , 1:43 pm
Departed USPS Facility
Your item departed our USPS facility in RICHMOND, CA 94804 on September 28, 2014 at 1:43 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

September 28, 2014 , 1:28 pm
Arrived at USPS Facility

September 25, 2014 , 2:26 am
Departed USPS Facility

September 24, 2014 , 8:19 am
Arrived at USPS Origin Facility

September 24, 2014 , 7:04 am
Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility

September 23, 2014
Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS

my package is stuck in Richmond, too! almost a month already! sent from Thailand to Guam, apparently it had to go to California first and ended up in Richmond....... called various usps numbers and everybody's telling me that they don't deal with international packages and can't help... also trying to tell me that the person that sent the package needs to initiate the claim with post office in Thailand, which is absurd because clearly the package is in the US already and I told them that this is bs....
just hoping it is waiting for the ship to be filled and it will eventually make it here before I transfer next year....

Tracking Number: CP034236371TH

if anybody has any helpful up-to-date information please share

I mailed four boxes from Cumming, GA to Yokosuka, Japan on September 21st. The boxes arrived in Richmond, CA on September 25th. I have yet to receive my boxes and the online USPS status has not changed:
Your item departed our USPS facility in RICHMOND, CA 94804 on September 25, 2014 at 1:43 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
I had no idea that it would take this long to get my boxes...my poor daughter will not have her costume for Halloween. If anyone can help or provide a number that I can call from the Naval Base in Japan, that will help out a lot. Thank You.


The status has not changed most likely because the boxes are in a container someplace in middle of the Pacific Ocean. If so, even if you could call someone, there would be no help for it.

If only the USPS would give a realistic estimate of delivery time, senders could make a rational decision on how to send a package.

Now, if the gods of sea transport are listening ('cause that's the only hope) your boxes will arrive the day before Halloween. If not, time for a Plan B. Your daughter should have the costume for next year, anyway.

I also have entered the "Black Hole" of Richmond's postal facility. I shipped a box from San Diego to Guam, starting 9/25/14. Two days later (9/27) Richmond is the last place to have handled it. I do not consider "...currently in transit to the destination" to be a satisfactory answer, as of 10/27/14.
I requested a case file to investigate, after the package exceeded its estimated delivery date 10/8/14. Someone at the Postal Service was supposed to contact me by phone or e-mail within 24-48 hrs. Instead, all I got was an online Customer Service form, delivered to my Hotmail account, 1-2 days later ( In the survey, I did mention that no one contacted me). Later, through contacting Domestic & Int'l USPS tracking@ (800) 222-1811, I was able to pass my tracking code and case number to a live representative, who told me somebody notated in their computer system that my case was resolved, after advising me to file an insurance claim. I mentioned that no, I was never contacted. This representative reopened my case, again advising to wait another 24-48 hrs. for someone else to get back to me.
I found a protocol and an e-mail for contacting/complaining to the Postmaster General at: http://www.howtodothings.com/business/how-to-file-a-complaint-with-the-postmaster-general.
I mentioned both my experience, and also listed this forum (plus http://www.yelp.com/biz/united-states-post-office-richmond-richmond and http://community.ebay.com/t5/Shipping-Returns/Richmond-CA-sorting-facility-and-lost-packages/td-p/3127765/highlight/false/page/4, as evidence of something being terribly wrong at that facility.

Thank you for your comment, and especially for the phone number and links. I hope others who arrive here will take advantage.

Please come back with a report of what ultimately happens -- when you get your package, or if you receive a response from the Postmaster General.


Just wanted to give a bit of an update to you all...I got home from work and received an email stating that 2 out of 4 boxes have arrived in Yokosuka, Japan:
Arrived at USPS Facility FPO, AP 96349 October 28, 2014 4:06 pm

What great news! I'll have to check tomorrow to see if the 2 boxes are physically at the Post Office on base; still waiting on the status for the other 2 boxes mailed...but today's news is 2 steps forward in the right direction. Thank you, Larry for your response...and to everyone else, your packages are coming...there is hope. Just keep the faith!


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