Wednesday, November 23, 2011


House fire or chicken bomb?

by Larry Geller

Looking out the window this morning we spotted an enormous amount of smoke up the hill. By the time I grabbed the camera it was less dense, but still going strong.

Was it a house fire? Or a chicken bomb?  By now we knew the answer. Another clue was the absence of fire trucks running up Nuuanu Ave. Must be chicken.

Chicken bomb 2

The wind died down a bit as I switched to video mode, and the smoke began its creep down the hill. Now, this isn’t the most exciting video in the world, but keep in mind that the smoke continues for the entire duration of the chicken sale. Houses in the path of the smoke have it pretty bad.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes… and on the curtains, the carpet, everywhere

I hope the oily smoke gets out of the curtains up there before Thanksgiving dinner.

Here’s a pic from the earlier article (A way to more accurately predict the weather on Oahu, but I think it stinks, 4/30/2011):

Valleyon fire[7]

On the day this pic was taken there was hardly any wind. The smoke lingered in the valley. Later the feeble breeze shifted, and Foster Garden was enveloped with the thick, stinky and oily smoke. The birds left and didn’t return at all that day. The air in our apartment stank.

Usually the chicken sales take place on a weekend, but today is Wednesday, so I called the Department of Health. The person I spoke with had to check with his supervisor, but soon called back to tell me that there are no rules that would apply to these burns in residential areas. I’m not surprised. The DOH is not known for having comprehensive administrative rules (which has lead to a couple of lawsuits).

I should check further. I plan to send a copy of this article along with a letter and see if I can learn more.

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Wow den, brah! Try huli-huli da HOUSE!

It's not smoke. It's steam from the imu at Kamehameha. They were cooking turkey for Thanksgiving.

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