Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Dear Civil Beat: Please give up on AP for news on Egypt (or on Occupy, etc.)

by Larry Geller

The news on Monday was that 32 Egyptian demonstrators had been killed, at least 1,750 were injured in ongoing protests against military rule of the country. Not that tents were burned in Tahrir square, as your breaking news related. The next AP article CB posted was on Egyptian elections moved up, but it failed to question whether elections could be held at all under these conditions, nor did it detail the military-imposed setup that will deny much power to the elected parliament.

You’re not going to get the important news from the AP on protests. The Star-Advertiser prefers the watered-down AP stories, but please, consider doing better.

You have many choices, from Al Jazeera to Democracy Now (with a reporter on the ground in Egypt and a Creative Commons license on content).

Please don’t go the easy route for breaking news by picking up AP.

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Thanks, Larry, a very good suggestion. I have been disappointed that CB doesn't cover other important breaking news such as what is happening in Palestine under Israeli occupation. I have sent suggested articles to CB, including articles by Hawaii's Ann Wright who travels to many countries and reports on issues.

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