Sunday, July 16, 2017


Hawaii might look to Europe for offshore wind power innovation

A recent issue of the IEEE Spectrum featured an exciting article for those impatiently waiting for offshore wind power to become practicle: For the First Time, Offshore Wind Power Will Be Profitable Without Subsidies".

Europe’s offshore wind power industry recently achieved a major milestone: three projects to be built without government subsidy. Bent Christensen, who is responsible for energy-cost projections for Siemens’s wind power division, credits industry-wide cost cutting that has outstripped expectations. “We’re three to four years ahead of schedule,” says Christensen.

Part of the cost breakthrough is due to recent innovations in power transmission technology.

Hawaii cannot count on local development to make offshore wind power feasible. Staying in touch with European leaders may work well for us and help reduce the outrageous rates we pay for electricity at present.


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