Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Giving credit where due: Another in a series of excellent audit reports

by Larry Geller

Kids are scolded when they do something bad. I hated to be scolded, at home or at school. While some of my teachers seemed only to criticize, others did recognize good work and pile on the positive reinforcement.

And now I have this blog—how easy it is to point out government failures. Now I can do the criticizing. So today is something different, a change of pace. I liked praise as a kid, and a blog is good for that, too!

auditI’ve written before about the remarkable changes in how the state’s audits are presented. They are now designed to be accessible to the average person. The data is still there, but it is explained, and often illustrated so as to make it easily understandable.

The first audit of 2017 was just posted: Sunrise Analysis: Regulation of Certified Professional Midwives (a summary is here). It’s an audit, but it is also an education.

The bar graph illustrates the increase in home births. On the second page, a sidebar outlines the regulation of professions, an important context for most readers, I think. It also explains the Hawai‘i Regulatory Licensing Reform Act.

You can check out audit reports at the auditor’s website. As citizens, we should be informed about many of these things. Now it’s a lot easier.


Check out the audit page


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