Thursday, September 08, 2016


AP story on Hawaii fishing fleet conditions begins to spread internationally

by Larry Geller

The AP story on conditions on ships delivering the Hawaii fish harvest is beginning to spread around the world. Google Translate makes it possible to kind of read each one to see how the story is presented overseas. So far, the coverage isn’t any prettier than the original AP English version.

Here’s a small sample. More stories are sure to be on the way: the AP report is still just freshly released.

Sleepy cages pay 5.4 yuan 10 years

Hawaii Honolulu pleasant scenery, local seafood is also very famous. But after six months after The Associated Press survey found that about 700 undocumented illegal workers from Southeast Asia and the Pacific island countries, the local fishing boats working at an hourly rate as low as 70 cents (approximately HK $ 5.4), and lack of basic labor protection. usually live in isolated, very poor hygiene boats can not get food and clothing, and trafficking in human beings is no different. 

[, 夏威夷血汗漁業 「販運」黑工, 9/9/2016]

An Indonesian article focused on two Indonesian fisherman who were able to escape from bondage on Hawaii vessels:

Associated Press investigation found a number of foreign fishermen in the United States who work like slaves, because they were paid very low in very poor working conditions. Two fishermen from Indonesia managed to escape from slavery in the ship.

As shown Coverage 6 SCTV hours, Thursday (09/08/2016), two fishermen from Indonesia who work on foreign fishing vessels that supply fish to the biggest fish auction in the United States, in Honolulu, Hawaii, in March 2016 and fled from fishing boats where they work.

[, Jakarta, VIDEO: A Tale of Two Fishermen Indonesia Fleeing From Foreign Ships in the US, 9/8/2016]


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