Friday, September 09, 2016


AP articles on conditions for foreign fisherman should make us pause before buying

Though federal laws and rules don’t mention Hawaii’s fishing fleet by name, technicalities buried in immigration law, maritime regulations and agency rule books have combined to give it a rare distinction: In the Aloha State hundreds of foreign fishermen are stuck on their boats for years.—AP

by Larry Geller

If  “Boat owners, captains, and most of their crew are supposed to be American [see: How US laws trap foreign workers on Hawaii’s fishing boats, (AP) 9/8/2016]” how come the deception that our fish are caught by Hawaii fisherman continues?

The short AP article cites the laws that make this possible. Please click and read.

Those laws remain in effect. That could mean that the situation won’t change any time soon.

Since we like our poke, who will be motivated to free the foreign fisherman who supply it, or to push for laws to protect them?

Think of who is explointing these fishermen as you stare at the poke counter at Costco or the fish counter at Whole Foods next time.

If we continue to buy this fish, we are part of the problem.


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