Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Another Carleton Ching? Petition gathering support opposes appointment of Bill Balfour to Water Commission

by Larry Geller

The vote on this is Wednesday—if you want to submit testimony or sign the petition, best not to wait.

My comment: Climate change is expected to bring increasing drought conditions to Hawaii. Water use and conservation should become increasing concerns. One thing we should do is carefully consider who will be in charge of our water supply!

Do Not Confirm Plantation Luna Bill Balfour to Water Commission

Petition by Karen Chun

To be delivered to The Hawaii State House, The Hawaii State Senate, and Governor David Ige

Governor Ige has chosen to replace esteemed Richardson Law School Professor, Denise Antolini, with an old-style plantation luna who also has worked for Monsanto and Amfac, Inc. This will create a majority who favor the plantations instead of the rule of law.

Where's the "balance"?

There are currently 2,775 signatures. NEW goal - We need 3,000 signatures!

The petition is here, or try below. At the very bottom is text snipped from the petition site, including a link to submit testimony.

Submit testimony here: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/measure_indiv.aspx?billtype=GM&billnumber=820&year=2015

Gov Ige's vaunted "balance" is nowhere to be seen in this nomination. You don't balance legal against corporate interests. Legal isn't a "stakeholder." Everyone on the Water Commission is supposed to follow the law. Just so happens the law says the plantations can't grab all the water.

Appointing someone who last time ignored the law and sided with the plantations (he spent 39 years working for sugar plantations) and Monsanto (2 years with them) isn't "balance." It is corruption.

Bill Balfour has voted on several key commission decisions that were later overturned by the Hawaii Supreme Court. No one else serving on the commission now has had their decisions overturned. Why bring back the failed views from the past?


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