Monday, December 01, 2014


Micro-praise for HCDA’s micro-unit proposal

by Larry Geller

Today’s Star-Advertiser editorial proposes small (actually, tiny) rental units for Kakaako that could benefit 50 singles or couples. Good, maybe.

HCDA envisions a mid-rise building that would include at least 50 studio and one-bedroom units that are no bigger than 300 square feet each and rent for about $1,000 a month.

[Star-Advertiser p.A10, 'Micro units' ideal for Kakaako area, 12/1/2014]

Some people are already living in condo units about that size, converted from hotel rooms, for example. And many of those units are quite expensive.

There are no doubt people who would happily take advantage. The rent, however, $1,000 per month, were it not for the location (location, location, location again) would seem high. Yes, it’s in Kakaako, near to town, and a shorter bus ride to potential jobs in Waikiki. But still, $1,000? I could be wrong.

And too bad the seniors will lose their community garden, though it might have been inevitable anyway.

These units would be very welcome, but to put this in perspective, it lets no one off the hook. It’s only 50 units, while the demand is said to be for 50,000. So while a little praise is due HCDA, this should not earn them very much.


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