Monday, August 18, 2014


Sign petition to block criminalization of homelessness in Honolulu

The message below is from Kathryn Xian. Please consider signing the petition at the link provided.

Aloha, Friend:

Please sign and share widely: The City and IHS seek to criminalize displaced families and houseless persons in Waikiki and island-wide. Let's unite and help stop this new form of unjust internment of the extreme poor.

Once again Honolulu's City Council seeks to pass bills which would criminalize sitting or lying down on the sidewalk, disproportionately affecting displaced families and other houseless persons. The sidewalks are the only public place left for displaced persons to legally exist.
Mayor Caldwell and Connie Mitchell of IHS have publicly stated that the homeless need to be "dis-incentivized" from living on the streets. But the City has not provided adequate housing or public restrooms to accommodate the growing number of people in poverty. And, IHS does not have adequate bedspace available for the entire population, and many choose not to accept shelter at IHS for very valid reasons, such as bed bugs, cruel treatment, and high fees ranging from $90 to $400 per person/month.

Please share this!


Kathryn Xian
Executive Director
Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery (PASS)
a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization


I live by the McCully Library. I want all of you to drive by that street anytime 7:30pm to 7am. Any night. Homeless are pitching tents on the sidewalk 50' from apts where people live. hard working people, and retirees who have worked many long years to enjoy a quiet retirement. TENTS on Sidewalks all night should be illegal. kids don't want to go to the mccully library anymore, or even go to the old stadium park where all these homeless hang out all DAY.

Before you sign petitions, Ask yourself, how would you feel if homeless were pitching tents 50' from your property EVERY NIGHT FOR FOUR YEARS!

There is a way to fight homelessness--using evidence-based solutions such as Housing First. Criminalizing homelessness likely will not remove the tents that are bothering you. If the prisons fill up (Honolulu has no jails), then it will be sooner, rather than later, that the city is taken to court in order to overturn the ordinance.

Besides, your taxes could go up to pay for the huge expenses the City Council will have to cover.

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