Thursday, March 20, 2014


Decisionmaking on three bills that criminalize homelessness set for 10:30 today (Thursday)

by Larry Geller
Decisionmaking on three bills that would criminalize homelessness has been continued until this morning.

Senator Hee, unlike many committee chairs, did not impose a time limit on each testifier during his hearing yesterday. The committee (JDL) was also good about posting all testimony, including “late” testimony, on the Capitol website even before the hearing. You can read the testimony by clicking on the link above, then on the bill number for each of the bills.

It was quite refreshing that everyone who wanted to was able to express themselves. He even allowed one more testimony after he called “last one!” on one of the bills. By allowing everyone to speak, the committee ran out of time, and recessed until today (Wednesday) at 10:30, still in room 016.
Doug Matsuoka was there with his live streaming camera – you can see and hear all the testimony at his Livestream channel page here.

I see from the channel page that Doug is already over at the capitol streaming the AG committee hearing in the auditorium. They seem to be holding a hearing at this moment on GMO labeling. I don’t know if he will shift over to the Judiciary hearing which is scheduled to do decisionmaking on yesterday’s agenda (including the three bills that would criminalize homelessness) which is set to begin at 10:30. Best to click over to his page at that time and see. If not, the AG committee hearing is also important, and thanks to Doug, you can watch that.


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