Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Hawaii doing it right—Huffington Post highlights Hawaii’s progress in promoting public financing of elections

by Larry Geller


Hawaii's Voter Owned Elections briefly upstaged both President Obama and Lindsay Lohan on the Huffington Post website yesterday. Hawaii Advances Public Financing Bill To Fix Outdated System (Huffington Post, 4/2/2013) highlighted the work of Kory Payne, executive director of Voter Owned Hawaii, and supporters of publicly funded elections in Hawaii.

The article didn’t spare criticism of Hawaii’s current public campaign finance system, but it focused on the objectives and success so far that Payne has achieved. From the article:

"What we want to do is basically overhaul the program and make sure candidates get a competitive amount of money to run their races with," Payne said.

The article also indicated support from several state legislators for reform:

"Hopefully, you can make your decisions less fettered by worrying about what your donors might think about what you do," said state Rep. Karl Rhoads, a Democrat and a key supporter of the legislation as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

The article closed by noting that legislation is making its way through the final steps in the state legislature. To find out how you can help pass clean elections bills, go to the Voter Owned Elections website and sign up for their email list (see left side of the page).


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