Saturday, November 05, 2011


Star-Advertiser reappears on the Web?

by Larry Geller

Is the Star-Advertiser back on the web? For the first time since they put up their paywall, I got a Google Alert on a news item that pointed to a regular restricted page, as opposed to breaking news (which they have not blocked).

But poor S-A, they’ve lost their page rank. Using the keyword “APEC,” the first hit was on the second Google page, behind a mid-East website, the Wall Street Journal, a couple of KITV hits, the Boston Globe, the Maui News, a Taiwan website, and lots more. They are way down there in the noise, at least for now.

At least the world will have some evidence that we actually have a newspaper in Honolulu.

Unless they just forgot to block it for some reason.


My browser has stopped displaying the masthead, even when I'm logged in, and others, using different browsers, have had the same experience. So, now it really is the "Lingle/Oceanic" online newspaper; I guess the S-A "sold out"!

APECtime is like the parallel anti-universe. you need photo ID to get into Waikiki but Star-Advertiser is free online.

More special treatment for APEC visitors.

The Star-Advertiser is embarrassing with their small-town boosterism. They have been unable to sustain a cogent narrative as to why we should be happy by the APEC presence, but it pervades their coverage.

There is a totalitarian Official Story being promulgated by the politicians and corporate media about how wonderful it is to have APEC here. But when you try to sift through the alleged benefits, they disappear. And now they have shot one of our people and are arresting peaceful citizens for expressing their opinions in non-threatening, non-disruptive ways.

Who the hell is looking out for US? Where is the "aloha" for OUR people?

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