Saturday, November 05, 2011


Israeli navy boards two "Freedom Waves to Gaza" ships, tases, captures ships, now deporting crew

by Larry Geller

Please click over to Activists on Gaza-bound vessels detained (Al Jazeera, 11/5/2011). Includes video.

As with previous flotillas, the Israelis intercepted the ships in international waters. They confiscated (stole) all electronic equipment.

Somehow, international laws that must exist around piracy are not enforced on Israel.


Off subject, but just how stupid is Hawaii, with the highest non DC rating of Obama? Because, he was supposedly born here? Really, what has he done for America or Hawaii?

Uh yes. There needs to be punishment for this piracy. Where is Obama famous for punishing so-called pirates (nationals protecting their resources from white corporate poachers) off the coast of Africa?

So there is Piracy, Assault, Terrorism, Kidnapping, Abduction and violation of treaties for international waters to name a few of the recent crimes committed by Israel.

It is our weapons and our financing that put these Israeli welfare recipients on the attack.

Maybe the Israelis should start learning how to provide for themselves and get off our dole.

I agree. This is piracy. The Israelis have a legitimate right to intercept a foreign vessel in international waters IF they had a high degree of confidence the ships were about to engage in an act of armed aggression against Israel AND if there were no sufficient time to seek no military solutions.

But the Israelis had reasons to have a "high degree of confidence" these boats carried non-violent activists in support of Palestinian rights. Shame on the Israelis and shame on the United States for continuing to support the Israeli governments long strong of illegal-- and sometimes murderous, acts. When the Israelis intercepted a similar flotilla in 2010, they murdered an American citizen ,yet the US government did not press for an independent investigation. But then, when the Israeli's attacked a US Navy ship, the Liberty, during the Six Day war, killing 34 crew members, wounding 170 others and almost sinking the ship, the US did not press our claims then either, preferring to help coverup the incident.

Good to remind all of us of these past incidents, itʻs important to remember. As the Israelis violate people, so does the U.S. all over the world. They are responsible for most of the extreme suffering in the world. But they will automatically always go to their default justifications...they had to remove a dictator (oh right, that they also supported for decades) or human rights were being violated.
The Bush family really needs to be indicted by some brave soul in order for balance and justice to be restored today.

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