Thursday, November 17, 2011


New York police learn that indeed, “The revolution IS being televised”

by Larry Geller

This morning I posted The revolution IS being televised after receiving some tweets that the New York police were approaching the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators.

I mentioned that police brutality would be on record.

Actually, the police were televised. And they retreated. It is on YouTube. In the video below, you can see them actually stymied and trying to back up their motobikes and get out of there.

Cameras have indeed become “weapons of mass demonstration.”


NYPD Overwhelmed

It looks like there may possibly be more cameras than police!

So yes, the revolution IS being televised.

To save you the trouble of clicking over, here is one YouTube record of the event, posted by Michael Moore. Click on the thingy at the lower right for full-screen. It’s almost like being there.

Here are a couple of snips (click for larger)


Televised 1

Televised 2

Televised 3

Televised 4

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This would be a good issue for "Blue Bloods, Police Commissionair Frank Reagan" (Tom Selleck) to handle. A fictional police commissionair appears to have more wisdom than real life offers in the big cities.May Hawaii not adopt such violent actions on the part of the police/gov.

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