Thursday, October 06, 2011


Disappeared News not a sexy enough website for some…

by Larry Geller

Ah, Disappeared News has finally made it into Charley’s World. See: CHARLEYWORLD: Cover Up of 'National Go Topless Day?' (Hawaii Reporter, 10/6/2011). But only because I didn’t refer to what got his attention, that he missed Topless Day. No, the particular subject of the protest wasn’t what I was writing about. It was mentioned in plenty of other coverage of the protest and the aftermath.

Darn, Charley, I’m sorry.  There I was writing about editorial irresponsibility and it wasn’t sexy enough for you. But thanks for the link, and here’s mine, in return.

I know Charley will put Topless day (August 21) on his calendar for next year. If you want to know more about Topless Day, check out the link he helpfully provides. Yes, the website has photos.

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I expect full coverage (no pun intended) if Charles Memminger ever goes topless in public.

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