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Governor Abercrombie: The First 10 Months

By Henry Curtis

The Governor likes to shoot from the lip attacking people at random, but does not like anybody to take offense at him, or to show any independence.

For the past five months progressives have been gravely concerned that the Governor is out of control. Those in the administration keep pushing back the time when we should say anything. Once it was, “wait till July” but that time has come and gone. Now it’s “wait until January.”

Here is a brief recap of his first 10 months as Governor.


Governor’s inauguration held at the Coronation Pavilion on `Iolani Palace grounds, considered sacred by the Native Hawaiian community. There is no public access to the Coronation Pavilion because it is considered a sacred site.


Gov. proclaims that names of candidates for Hawaii Supreme Court vacancy are to be kept secret.

Dr. Neal Palafox, Interim Director of the Department of Health abruptly resigns.


Gov. threatens to condemn Molokai Ranch to force the island to accept  Big Wind

Joseph Wildman was appointed to the 2nd Circuit Court judgeship for a ten year term and then withdrew.

Office of Information Practices (OIP) Acting Director Cathy Takase fired because she said the governor had to reveal the judicial selectees.  

Governor holds fake news conference announcing the HGEA contract.

Gregory Payton, nominated in February, resigns as Deputy Director for Behavioral Health of the Department of Health (DOH).

Governor signs a secret emergency executive Proclamation suspending laws to  protect nene goose population at Lihue Airport, proclaiming that nene are a threat to public health and safety and immediate action is necessary to translocate this population even though the issue has existed for decades and no nene had ever been killed at the airport.


Robert “Bobby” Hall resigns as deputy chairman of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands


Gov. holds community meeting at Washington Middle School and dances to Cee Lo Green's "F*** You."

Gov. said it's "so stupid" for the state to pay to host the Pro Bowl.

Gov. asks for the resignations of 28 appointed members of the state Public Utilities Commission, Land Use Commission, Public Housing Authority, Board of Land and Natural Resources and the Stadium Authority.

Governor signs an “emergency proclamation” allowing the Army Corps of Engineers to enter state lands and remove and dispose unexploded munitions without following state laws for five years.


Gov. holds artificial news event for a progress report on his “New Day” plan.

Following the resignation of PUC Commissioner Carlito Caliboso,  persistent  government rumors circulate that the Governor threatened to replace PUC Chair Morita.


On September 26, PUC expands the scope of Big Wind to include all renewables on any island that can provide power to O`ahu. September 28, DBEDT expands scope of the Big Wind EIS to include only solar, wind and geothermal only from Maui.

Director of Human Resources Sunshine Topping resigns to spend more time with her family.

Gov. stepped into the middle of a community/DOT process sidestepping community involvement and emergency proclamation.

Eight Groups: “Conservation Council for Hawai‘i, Friends of Lana‘i, Hawai‘i’s Thousand Friends, KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance, Life of the Land, Malama Kauai, Na Kupuna Moku O Keawe, and the Sierra Club, Hawai‘i Chapter have jointly issued a letter expressing concern that Abercrombie’s administration is misusing its emergency power.  


Vice Director of Hawaii State Civil Defense abruptly resigned

Chief of Staff Amy Asselbaye and Deputy Chief of Staff Andrew Aoki resign to spend more time with their family. The allegation is that the Gov needed someone with real experience. Andrew Aoki holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Stanford University, a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School, and a Master of Public Policy specializing in economic development, social policy, and state government from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University where he was designated as a Kennedy Fellow for exceptional academic ability and professional distinction. He received the 2002 Ho‘okele Award for nonprofit leadership. Along with James Koshiba they founded 3Point Consulting. Andrew and James very successfully facilitated a complex and difficult series of HECO sponsored community meetings growing out of the Wa`ahila Right transmission line fight.

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Off to a rocky start. The guy don't listen.

Thank you for doing this Henry.
When will we start impeachment proceedings and what needs to be done next?

You forgot the OHA ʻCEOʻ Clyde Namuo also being replaced. Funny, I donʻt recall that seat or Namuo ever being called CEO. Do you?

Thank you for gathering up all this information. I have been more and more concerned at his undemocratic, non-progressive behavior. (What happened to the guy we THOUGHT we were voting for?) But seeing it all laid out like this...well, shall we ask for a recall?


Does Coppa's ascension mark the completion of the corporate/development/construction union takeover of the Abercrombie administration, or does it just look that way? Governor "Bait and Switch" is not who I voted for.

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