Friday, August 12, 2011


Star-Advertiser daily morning email FAIL

by Larry Geller

Since I subscribe to the printed Star-Advertiser I get to read the on-line edition too. In theory.

Starting yesterday they began sending a morning email, something like Civil Beat has been doing. You just click on the link and it takes you to the story. Except that it didn’t work yesterday, and didn’t work today.

Yesterday, when I clicked on articles, a tab opened in my browser but nothing ever arrived. The status line indicated it was trying to redirect me to a login page. Good try, but no amount of clicking got me to the article.

This morning I had just read the article in the paper about Abercrombie trying to get the feds to make Micronesians and other COFA (Compact of Free Association) residents eligible for Medicaid, and I wanted to snip from it for a blog post, so I clicked on it in my email.

SA-morning email

Same thing. Except this time Firefox came up with an error message:


Now, since I have logged on previously, there should be a cookie set in the browser, you’d think. I checked, and there are four cookies, each expiring at the end of a session. But the login still didn’t work.

The email has both image and text ads, by the way. I may not get the news, but presumably they are making money just sending me the email.

(sigh) I suppose they’ll get there one day.

Update: Ok, since I want to snip from an article, I thought I would sign on manually. That is, go to their web page and just put in my email and password. Foolish me.


It says “Sorry, but that email was not found.” It’s the email I signed up with, and the email that they just used to send their morning email to me.

Later I’ll call up the friendly newspaper ladies for some help.


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