Monday, June 06, 2011


Should Hawai`i Increase the use of coal and oil?

A Letter to the Editor in today’s Star Advertiser stated that Hawai`i should go with the “cheapest” energy sources. That implies that we should rely on coal and maybe oil.

The letter was written by Edward Gutteling, Vice president of the Conservative Forum for Hawaii.

Conservative Forum for Hawaii has a Speakers Bureau including UH Law Professor David L. Callies; former Congressman Charles Djou; former Honolulu mayoral candidate Panos D. Prevedouros; Hawai`i Senator Sam Slom; Jamie Story, former president of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii; Linda Smith, former Senior Policy Advisor to Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle;

Thom Curtis, Ph.D., author of “Home-Grown Terrorism” and current investigator of terrorism within the Hawaiian Sovereignty movement; Ted Hong, former corporation counsel for Hawai`i County Mayor Stephen Yamashiro & former Regent for the University of Hawai`i; John Carroll, Republican nominee for Governor;

Brian J. De Lima, appointed by Gov. Abercrombie to serve on the Board of Education; Hawai`i County Councilmembers Dominic Yagong and John L Santangelo; and Michael L. Kaleikini, Puna Geothermal Ventures plant manager


Pretty scary list. Unfortunately none of the listed speaker are math majors. While they believe burning oil and coal are cheap they forget to add the damage it is doing to our planet. Unless they believe in the endtimes and don't give a flying hockey puck about the future of the world.

Thank you for identifying who is behind the "Conservative Forum". (It is a rather scary list.)

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