Friday, June 17, 2011


KITV interviews Global Horizons CEO on human trafficking charges

KITV lent their studios to an interview with Global Horizons CEO and accused human trafficker Mordechai Orion. The interview aired on KITV’s 10 p.m. news on Thursday, June 16, 2011. Read the story (includes video) here.

The station also allowed Melissa Vincente, attorney for many of the allegedly trafficked farm workers, to respond.

Orion remains confined by court order to the island of Oahu and resides at the Ala Moana Hotel in the custody of the Chabad Rabbi (the hotel includes their facility). Meanwhile, some Thai farm workers are about to lose their homes as the trial plods through the court system:

“Several workers, still living in the islands, are on the verge of leaving their families homeless and destitute in Thailand because the banks they were directed to borrow money from by the Thai recruiters are about to foreclose on their loans.”

[quote from Hawaii Reporter story posted on Disappeared News as Comments and a story on human trafficking in Hawaii, 6/16/2011]

If justice is to be done for these workers and their families, they need some relief soon. By the time the trials and appeals play out their lives will have been thoroughly ruined.



Was I just dreaming or did KITV use Global Horizon video for this story? OUTRAGEOUS! This is nothing but a PR campaign disguised as news. Once again, KITV, a right wing news outlet loses credibility. How much was KITV paid to tape Mordechai Orion's statement?

It's not like that. Daryl Huff has shown up in the courtroom and is following these cases. Sometimes Keoni Kerr is there. They have been the only mainstream media to stick with the story. Also, others have settled for calling Global Horizons and not getting a call back. Malia Zimmerman and now KITV kept on it.

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