Thursday, December 23, 2010


Keep Kailua Beach clean by using modern storm water control

by Larry Geller

Malia Zimmerman wrote about the sewage overflows that have polluted that beautiful beach in Kailua:

…Those sewage overflows rose from waterlogged manholes and went into the Kaelepulu Stream, which is one of two major waterways in the Kailua district. No total for the sewage gallon count total has been posted yet.

The stream comes from Kaelepulu pond and wetland, which goes through Enchanted Lakes, a division of Kailua, and stops just feet short of the ocean.

Historically, at least once a month, the city opens the mouth of the stream via tractors moving the sand around, and the workers let the pollution runoff and brown water that has accumulated go unfiltered into Kailua Bay. …  [Hawaii Reporter, Sewage Spill Forced Into Kailua Bay Where President Obama and Family are Staying, 12/22/2010]

This is a primitive way of handling storm water.

In previous articles (here and here) I highlighted the use of pervious (permeable) asphalt. The videos are great—they show water going directly into the ground, the way it did before the road or parking lot was ever there. No need to collect it in an expensive sewer system (which the city maintains badly anyway) and dump it into streams or ultimately onto beaches.

Here’s yet another video, this one promoting porous concrete. Besides asphalt and concrete, there are a variety of paving systems that get rid of rain water on the spot. Try and find them in Honolulu, though.

Although this is a promo video, you’ll see what states and cities on the Mainland are doing about the problem we can’t seem to solve.  It will rain again, guaranteed. Let’s urge our City Council to look into this, at least.



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