Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Ed Schultz: Wall Street Treats American Workers Like Roadkill

by Larry Geller

Our jobs are gone, and because corporations have figured out how to do without us as a source of labor and need us less and less as a market, they’re not coming back. When will this message get out?

This guy sounds a bit like me. Except that he has a popular TV program and all I get is this little blog. Ed Schultz might get the word out.

Ok, now will anyone care?

Here’s a YouTube video of his rant. I’m not sure if it’s legit to embed it here because the commercials have been taken off. But have a look.

I think it was edited from today’s MSNBC program—transcript is here.

Some snips, really out of context (see the whole transcript):

Wall Street versus Main Street, that‘s not what it is anymore.  It‘s Wall Street versus the working folk of America.  That‘s what this midterm is about.

Wall Street isn’t only upset because of regulation, they are scared of losing the Bush tax cuts.  They want to see this country fail so they can protect themselves from a four percent tax increase. 

Wall Street is sitting on more than $1 trillion, and it‘s treating the American worker like road kill.

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