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Comment on conspiracy theory article

Since most readers may not see comments, here is a reminder of why we might reasonably be skeptical about the seemingly motiveless attack on the South Korean warship that most everyone blames on North Korea. The attack preceded (precipitated? provided cover for?) the Japanese Prime Minister’s decision not to evict American troops from Okinawa, thereby breaking one of his campaign promises.  With thanks to “Bob of Brisbane”:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " New conspiracy theory: Sinking of S. Korean ship w...":

President McKinley told the American people that the USS Maine had been sunk in Havana Harbour by a Spanish mine and they supported the Spanish American War. There had been no mine.

Hitler told the German people that Poland had attacked first and staged fake attacks against German targets to convince them to attack Poland. World War 2 followed.

FDR claimed Pearl Harbour was a surprise attack. It wasn't. Tricked by the lie of a surprise attack, Americans marched off to war.

President Johnson took advantage of an inexperienced sonar man's report of torpedoes to lie about the Gulf of Tonkin and send Americans off to fight in Vietnam. There were no torpedoes in the water.

The USA and its allies went into the Iraq war based on the lie of the “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.

Bob of Brisbane


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