Saturday, May 29, 2010


Oil spill compared again to Hawaii

by Larry Geller

Checking in again with Paul Rademacher’s website, How big is the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?, I see that he has the image updated to May 21. You can click the link and play with it, putting in various cities.

Here’s Honolulu again, as though the spill occurred right here.

Oil spill


larry. i'm curious about your opinion. i've been reading about this spill for the last two months. would it be better for the US military to just bomb the wells shut? i recall reading about the Chinese exploding bombs in mines to close them permanently. is the US not bombing the leak because they want to be able to re-open it later so BP can regain profits?

Apparently there is a suggestion from Russia to use a small underground nuclear bomb. It would not release radioactivity into the water, or so goes the theory, but would fuse the rock layers so that the oil leak is stopped.

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