Monday, May 31, 2010


Follow peace convoy massacre on Twitter

by Larry Geller

There is a “flotillacam,” now looping, here.

The BBC is live-blogging events here: LIVE: Israeli raid on Gaza flotilla.

Glen Greenwald on the attack and costs of US support for Israel: Israel attacks aid ship, kills at least 10 civilians.

To follow events via Twitter, try hashtags   #freedomflotilla   or   #Gaza.

Follow TwiddleEastNews, and check the messages for additional ways to follow.

  • Expect Israel to produce "weapons" to show the world they were attacked. But we witnessed events live. They will plant "evidence". 2 minutes ago via web


  • Raed Salah seriously wounded: Israel braces for riots as protest erupts in Nazareth over #Gaza convoy deaths - #Flotilla 4 minutes ago via HootSuite Retweeted by TwiddleEastNews and 1 other

    • AJE - #freedomflotilla was 5 miles w'in int'l waters during raid, reporter saw white flag raised, no passengers lifting weapons v @asteris 4 minutes ago via web

    • UK followers- Demos in solidarity with the #freedomflotilla: Manchester 5pm outside BBC Oxford Road 5 minutes ago via web

      • The twittersphere is now the main source of news for Gaza. Eventually MSM will have to take notice. #gazaflotilla 6 minutes ago via web

        • Peace Candidate Winograd Denounces Murders of Free Gaza Activists 7 minutes ago via web

        • Audrey Bomse , Free Gaza movement "I can tell you that there were no firearms - all the boats were carefully inspected" 11 minutes ago via web

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