Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Parents turn around Advertiser poll at 105 votes every 4 minutes / Do the Lingle Jingle

by Larry Geller

I’m in total awe, blown away, by the Internet savvy of the parents occupying Governor Linda Lingle’s office to push her to end the hated Furlough Fridays.

Of course, the most important thing, and the most regrettable, is that they are being arrested this evening. Why should parents be hauled off by sheriffs for standing up for kids education? World, please take note and support the parents.

But I’m also struck by the extent they have been using media to involve the general community in their effort. I’ve never seen anything close to this in Hawaii.

As the arrests are taking place, they video them and instantly post the videos. You can see the officers in their aloha shirts, how posh the governor’s digs are, and how cooperative the process is. I’ll bet the sheriffs have kids too, they are not beating up on anyone the way the might in New York City.  You can see videos at this YouTube page.

Outside, others are posting Tweetphotos.

Voting phenomena

But that’s all supply-side economics. Who’s out there watching? Apparently lots of people. It’s a crazy late hour on the US mainland and in Europe, but when the parents asked for supporting votes in the Honolulu Advertiser online poll (see earlier this evening, there were 637 votes total, with about 63% voting “end it now” and 23% voting “keep it up till furloughs end.”

Then the parents tweeted for votes. I was called from my computer to eat dinner.

Poll When I came back 24 minutes later, there were 1,371 votes, and the tide had shifted in the other direction. It didn’t stop there. As I type this, there are 3,421 votes (!), and the poll is running 78.1% “keep it up till furloughs end.”

I clocked it at about 105 votes every four minutes for awhile. That's an impressive following.

And I’m envious. If I asked my readers to do something like that, of the 14 or so of you out there, 2 might or might not make that call, send that email, or vote on a website.

The Lingle Jingle

But I think I’ll try anyway. First of all, please go vote on the website. Lingle DingleAnd tomorrow, how about do this. I’m inspired by the volunteers at Hawaii Public Radio asking their listeners to make the phone ring off the hook. They even have a collection of ancient phones with brass bells in them so you can hear them ring in the background.

So let’s do a Lingle Jingle. Whether you’re in Hawaii or not, please call Governor Lingle tomorrow, Thursday, at her office (808) 586-0034. The phones ring outside in the reception area where the parents are still sitting in. They’ll hear your support. If someone picks up, just leave a message for Governor Lingle asking her to end the furloughs NOW.

That number is 586-0034, or from the Neighbor Islands or elsewhere, 808-586-0034. Give the governor your message and ring that phone in support.

All 14 of you, please.

Also check their tweets for their legal defense fund and to stay current and in touch with them via twitter: @sos808.

Again, that number to call on Thursday is 586-0034.


Thanks for the jingle suggestion! You bet I will call tomorrow.

5,561 votes a/o 02:45

The governor will take it as harassment and she'll be even more set in her ways.

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