Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Media interview with Eric Seitz posted on YouTube

by Larry Geller

This is a video from HSMiyamoto’s YouTube channel. Since it permits embedding, here it is for you. Note that attorney Eric Seitz mentions potential ACLU involvement.

Eric Seitz was one of the two main Felix attorneys and has represented clients including Erin Watada. More relevant to the Furlough Friday issue, he filed one of the two lawsuits in Federal Court last year attempting to enjoin the state from carrying out its plan.


Thank you for connecting people to the video I shot, because Mr. Seitz has a lot of useful information to share. By the way, I'm a lawyer and I was a law clerk for the ACLU in Minnesota, and he makes sense to me. Anyhow, although the link works, my name is "HSMiyamoto," not "MSMiyamoto." Thanks for fixing that, if you do.

Sorry for misspelling your name. I really do need new glasses.

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