Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Google data suggests that Hawaii sit-in story has spread to Europe/Asia

by Larry Geller

Aside from the critical importance of ending the Furlough Fridays that have positioned Hawaii as the state with the fewest instructional days in the country, I find I’m fascinated by how the story has caught on. It’s being carried by new and different newspapers and websites as it goes on from day to day.

The AP article from yesterday is making its rounds. Here’s a Google search I just did on the single word “Hawaii.” I searched on the single word to see what comes up when someone thinks they might come to Hawaii or is curious about Hawaii.

The pic at the left is from the Austin American-Statesman.


Google now makes a timeline available. Here’s the timeline showing the number of sources covering this story. While it’s still April 14 in the USA, it’s already April 15 in Europe and Asia. So I believe the timeline gives us a clue about how the articles spread world-wide.


A recent tweet advises that parents arrested will be represented by attorney Eric Seitz. Seitz was one of the lead Felix attorneys and also filed a lawsuit late last year against the furloughs. This will mean more articles tomorrow. Seitz attracts the media spotlight.

Hawaii’s kids are finally getting attention—but not, unfortunately, from the folks in Honolulu who can help them the most.


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