Thursday, April 08, 2010


Obama vs. civil liberties

by Larry Geller

A tweet worth 1000 words:


Adam Serwer: "From a civil libertarian point of view, we're in a much worse place than during the Bush administration"

The article linked from the tweet is about closing Guantanamo and bringing the same unconstitutional crap to the US mainland.

From a civil libertarian point of view, we're in a much worse place than we were during the Bush administration, when Democrats were willing to oppose Bush's expansive claims of executive authority. Now we have only muted criticism from Democratic legislators and hysterical cries from Republicans that Obama isn't going far enough.

Obama, as you know, has just placed an American citizen on his assassination list. Saying that anyone (citizen or not) will be killed under any circumstances, even if not in a combat situation, is a violation of everything we hold dear as Americans. Innocent until proven guilty? Forget it.

Obama is a constitutional lawyer. He knows better.

And if you watched today’s Democracy Now, you know that he is threatening to preemptively use nuclear weapons.

Would you ever think that our country would be going in this direction?

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