Thursday, April 08, 2010


Impatient for NEWS from Peer News

by Larry Geller

Maybe it’s a case of social media burnout. I found myself last night totally immersed and then overwhelmed with conversations. We live in strange times when each of us has the possibility of conversing with so many people at once, and all without leaving home. Heck, no need to even get dressed any more. I can tweet in my underwear and no one knows. You may be reading this in your underwear and I don’t care.

I found myself retreating from the din and skimming the news in my RSS newsreader. Just the news, and nothing but the news.

Twitter lets us inter-tweet about everything under creation, every big and little thing happening in the city, state, universe.

Twitter takes us even inside the governor’s office, as parents sit in for their Furlough Friday protest. Here’s the latest on that, by the way, part of the ongoing conversation:

ProfVVG: Sign up & take shifts at the capitol Go to Save Our Schools facebook: #sos808

Yes, you can communicate with the parents leading this protest and join in, even if you can’t get to the State Capitol yourself. You can become a “friend” to the protesters and show your support.  (Side note: the only key person not participating in the conversation seems to be the Governor):


(click image for story)

The ability to converse is truly wonderful, and I love it, actually.

So how does this relate to Peer News?

I realized last night, checking their website (which still indicates they are looking for staff, un-updated from months ago), that what I want is not conversation. It’s news. News. NEWS.

Peer News editor John Temple said, as part of his address a couple of weeks ago at the exclusive Plaza Club, that it will be about content and participation.

I’ve been thinking, and after reading so much news about Iraq, the helicopters, Obama’s threat to use nuclear weapons, and more, in the European and alternative media, that what I really hope for is just plain honest, thorough reporting. Keep the conversations, thank you.

Oh, no objections to it. I’m sure they will create a worthwhile interactive experience.

But to start with, I’m feeling starved for the news that Temple and others at the Plaza Club event hinted at. The news, the facts, and all of it.

Temple has assembled a staff that can do it, if unleashed. A potentially unbeatable news team.

I can hardly wait. As to the conversations, the debates, and the discussions, it’s gravy. First you need to have the news and to be able to trust the source.

I shouldn’t have to look to European news media for what ought to be covered (but isn’t) in my daily paper. Just on the current Wikileaks revelation:

Der Standard

Daily Mail

Finding this kind of coverage in our daily paper is probably a pipe dream. So I’m wondering what kind of news we’ll get from Peer News.

Keep in mind that the prognosis for better print news coverage is not good after the Advertiser sale goes forward. Perhaps an important conversation to have right now is how we will remain an informed and educated public as Hawaii (and national) media continue to be buffeted by uncertainty.

Oh, Obama cured me of wishing for Hope or Change. Peer News needs to deliver. I’ll believe it only when I see it.

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