Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Get your own video, documents and learn what Collatoral Murder means

by Larry Geller

The YouTube version of Collateral Murder is currently at 2,165,719 views. “Going viral” doesn’t begin to describe this. The video is having its impact. Could it change the course of the wars? Hey, Barack, have you seen it yet?

Commercial media could, but won’t, give you the depth of information you may want on this issue. For example, there’s nothing about it at this moment at all on the CNN home page. Nothing. A daily paper is limited by the few pages they now have, but CNN could do better.

A source torrent of the longer version of the YouTube video is here. The number of seeds is increasing, currently 511, so you’ll get your copy quickly. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, this refers to downloading a large video file via bit torrent, which you do with any of a number of bit torrent clients or many download programs. “Seeds” refer to those who have a complete copy of the video and are making it available to others. That’s what makes torrents a fast way to download information.

If you have an iPad, I have no idea if it can do this.

Google will help you find a client program if your computer complains when you click on the link. You may already have a program installed, try clicking.

More downloads at the Collateral Murder website, on this page. More resources—documents, photos, etc. here. Copies of the US Rules of Engagement for Iraq are helpfully included.

Over the next couple of days there will be articles on all sides of this issue. Sorting it out should not be a question of selecting which article is in line with how we would like the facts to be, but should be based on the best analysis of the facts. That’s hard to do.

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