Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Redefining marriage

by Larry Geller

You've known each another for many years now, and you've come to truly understand each another. You share a home, pay bills and putter around the garden together. The two of you look forward to your Sunday morning ritual of working on The New York Times crossword puzzle together. You are truly and deeply in love.

You'd like to get married, but unfortunately, you live in a society where your relationship is considered unnatural and immoral. Despite the breadth of your love for each other, marriage is against the law. If your beloved were a human and not a robot, society might be more tolerant.

(from a picture caption in the article)

“Artificial intelligence researcher David Levy predicts that in 50 years, this robot could be the groom rather than master of ceremonies.”

More here.

They might have to teach the robot a thing or two, but don’t think it couldn’t be done. And if scientists perfect human parthenogenesis, we men might find ourselves on an endangered species list.

That’s one way to end wars.



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