Tuesday, April 06, 2010


US attacks on journalists noted

by Larry Geller

Glen Greenwald tweeted that the last 10 or so tweets from Jeremy Scahill are worth reading. Awesome reminders of how our government treats journalists and journalism, and how the mainstream media report on it.

Tweets don’t last long, so I’m preserving these here for posterity: Remember, the earliest are at the bottom.

Ok, end of rant for now 15 minutes ago via Echofon

If some Afghans so much as spilled Tom Friedman's capuccino, they'd be bombed off map. US kills Reuters journos, not a story 16 minutes ago via Echofon

The US shot Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena in Iraq. 19 minutes ago via Echofon

RT @Saba_Imtiaz: @jeremyscahill all victims are not created equal. 24 minutes ago via Echofon

The US held al Jazeera journalist Sami al Hajj at Gitmo for more than 6 yrs w no charge. 25 minutes ago via Echofon

Iran/N Korea hold US journos--huge news. USA kills journos=silence, justification. 29 minutes ago via Echofon

But we don't talk about how the US has a long track record of killing journalists and media workers. 31 minutes ago via Echofon

April 23 is 11th anniversary of Bill Clinton's bombing of Radio Television Serbia, killing 16 media workers 32 minutes ago via Echofon

The US killed Tariq Ayoub of al Jazeera in Baghdad and bombed Jazeera in Afghanistan and Basra. 34 minutes ago via Echofon

The US bombed the Palestine Hotel killing two journos, saying they thought gunmen in hotel were firing at US soldiers. 35 minutes ago via Echofon

The US killed a different Reuters journo in 2003 in Iraq, Mazen Dana, saying his camera was thought to be a RPG 36 minutes ago via Echofon

Everytime the US kills journalists, there is a sickening silence/justification from big media. #collateralmurder #wikileaks 40 minutes ago via Echofon


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