Thursday, May 07, 2009


Short videos from Justice and Equality Day

by Larry Geller

Today is it. Today may, or may not, be the day that HB444 makes it back onto the Senate floor. Of course, at the end of this article, I’m going to suggest that you email or call your senator.

But for now, some videos taken at the Justice for All rally on Wednesday, complements of Tara O’Neill. Tara was spotted at the rally with equipment good enough to cause a lot of camera envy, apparently. So I asked if she might make something available.

This makes up a little for the lack of coverage in our daily papers, I hope.

The first is Senator Hooser, then some music. Enjoy, then please call or email.



Time’s running out if you want to weigh in on HB444. Please email senators now (time’s running out) at or call right now. Thanks!

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Larry. Can you clear something up for me? HB444 only had one reading in the Senate before going to committee. Is a recall motion that is successful considered a second reading, even if not approved by the majority? Art III, Sec 15 requires 3 readings.

Senate President Hanabusa denied the bill a third reading. That's what actually killed it.

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