Thursday, May 07, 2009


The light at the end of the tunnel is someone striking a match

by Larry Geller

Advocates have worked hard for years. The end isn’t in sight, but recent news has raised the possibility that marijuana may be decriminalized. Nothing could be better for our economy than to empty the prisons and let people get back to work.

Poll: Majority Support Legalizing Marijuana

A new poll has found a majority of Americans support marijuana legalization. According to Zogby, 52 percent of Americans say it “makes sense to tax and regulate” marijuana. [Democracy Now, headlines, 5/7/2009]

More details on the poll are in this Guardian (UK) report (see the complete article):

Poll: Majority of American favour pot legalisation

This is the first time a poll has shown more than 50% of Americans favouring marijuana legalisation
Comments (…)

A slim majority of Americans favour the legalisation, taxing, and regulation of marijuana, according to a new poll released yesterday.

The poll is the first time more than 50% of Americans have favoured legalisation, said Bruce Mirken, communications director of the Marijuana Policy Project, a thinktank that supports decriminalising the drug.

The survey was conducted by Zogby and the O'Leary Report, a conservative publication. [Guardian, DeadlineUSA, 5/7/2009]


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