Friday, May 22, 2009


Circuit City reappears

by Larry Geller

Circuit City is back

It looks like Circuit City, under new ownership, is back—but on-line only.

I don’t know yet if the prices are competitive, but interestingly enough, the shopping cart was willing to give free shipping to Hawaii on that 46-inch HDTV. I didn’t go all the way to buying it, though, so I don’t know that for sure.

A USB cable that I could use and that I hadn’t seen elsewhere, was $9.95 but the shipping was $24.95, so of course I passed on it. My guess is that Hawaii shoppers will have to use one of the re-shipping services, wiping out any potential savings.

Also, check that the warranty on anything you buy is good in Hawaii.

I found I really missed CompUSA when it closed, despite my unhappiness with it while it was here. At least, there was Circuit City. Then that left, as well. The on-line versions of these stores are not adequate substitutes. And how can Hawaii aspire to be a high-tech center of the Pacific when we don’t even have a decent computer store here??

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