Friday, May 22, 2009


Disappeared youth: my fantasy career operating a giant earthmover

by Larry Geller

Earthmover fantasy job A little girl managed to buy a Kubelco SK150LC excavator on-line for $15,000. She was only 3 years old, so her parents wouldn’t let her keep it.

I remember how many times I watched guys wearing yellow helmets push and pull levers at construction sites in New York City, wishing I could have a job operating one of those things. Maybe it’s a guy thing. Actually, just having some time to play is what I really wanted, not the job. Imagine the power that one fingertip on a lever can command in one of those things…

I learned it is a common enough fantasy. In fact, a comment attached to the above article notes that:

There is a business in Germany that lets you use diggers, graders all kinds of big machines. Wives/gf's typically give a gift of x many hours of earthmoving to their partner. I'm in the US but I would love to have some fun at that place....

It would look so cool on my resume: computer engineer, director of joint venture company, earthmover operator…

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