Wednesday, January 07, 2009


How soon can he be impeached?

by Larry Geller

Obama's Promise

How soon can he be impeached.



Let's start the process before he gets in office.

His Cabinet makes him look like he's going to govern like a smart "Bush" with some color. This prospective Blair frickin' appointment is outrageous. I submit to you right now, Obama is a FAKE.

And I'm getting tired of him talking too slow. That was nice during the campaign, but given his record already, I don't have patience for that shit anymore. He needs to frickin' kick it up a notch and speak a little faster, instead of forming a bunch of slow weasel words.

If this guy thinks he can deceive the American public, he's got another thing comin'. We've had enough of this shit with Bush.

Lets get started with a petition drive! I neeed my disability payments to continue my search for true enlightenment and keep Medicare paying for my glaucoma medicine at the dispensary! Oh the inhumanity of it all. I had all these things paid for under the evil Bush and now Obnama will take them away! He isn't just a "smart Bush" -- he is worse than Bush!

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