Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Akaka disappoints, supports Blair appointment

by Larry Geller

Sen. Daniel Akaka says he's glad that a man with hands-on knowledge of Asia-Pacific security issues has been picked for the nation's top intelligence post….Akaka says he expects Blair, who is considered an expert on China, to serve the nation with the same level of duty and honor he showed in the Pacific. [KHNL (AP), 1/6/2009 with thanks to Brad Parsons and to Jaded for the pointer]

I wonder if Sen. Akaka (or his staff) support genocide in East Timor. Why would Obama want, in his administration, an admiral who disobeys orders and supported the killing of innocents and the suppression of democracy? Is Blair a person who served his nation with duty and honor? Why would Senator Akaka support this appointment instead of vigorously opposing it?

From the intro to a segment on Blair on today’s Democracy Now (10 p.m. on channel 56 or visit their website for video/audio/transcript).

Admiral Dennis Blair played a critical role in backing the Indonesian occupation of East Timor during the 1990s. At the height of a wave of ruthless attacks on Timorese that killed hundreds and displaced tens of thousands, Blair personally informed top Indonesian general, Wiranto, of unwavering US support. He continued to support the Indonesian military until international outcry forced the Clinton administration to withdraw its military and diplomatic backing.

Here’s more on reports of his disobedience and support of the killing:

Blair had a mission, which had been given to him by the US State Department and White House, to tell Wiranto, “Stop the massacres.” Blair did not do that. He apparently defied what he had been sent to do, and he instead reassured Wiranto. This is according to the confidential cables which reported on the meeting, the US cables. He offered new US military aid to Wiranto. He invited him to come to Hawaii as his guest. He offered assistance for the Brimob, the paramilitary police that had directly participated in the Liquica massacre. When word got back to Washington, the State Department said, “You can’t do this. You have to talk to Wiranto again.” He called Wiranto on the phone and again did not tell him to shut the militias down. Wiranto was delighted. He escalated the militia terror. The killing of Timorese civilians increased.

According to these reports, Blair encouraged terrorism. I hope Senator Akaka would re-think his support of this appointment.

I’m going to fax this article to Sen. Akaka’s office for comment.



What makes everyone so sue that Blair “defied” any orders? This only makes sense if you believe that the US State Dept and intelligence agencies, while publicly saying they were not going to support them, actually sent him to reassure them that it was ok.

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