Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Penguin Bank wave/wind farm finally breaks into a Honolulu newspaper

by Larry Geller

At last, there is a story in the Star-Bulletin today, Seattle company looks at Hawaii for wave power.

This project was first reported in a Disappeared News article on December 5, 2008 and then in three followup articles:

Company applies to place Chinese-made wind turbines offshore in Hawaii

Of course, proposed wave/wind generators are in precisely the wrong place (if you’re a whale)

The plot thickens on Penguin Bank energy plan

Life of the Land files motion to intervene in Penguin Banks energy project

Wouldn’t it be sad if we persist in blathering on about “initiatives” and “innovation” and “high-tech” while outside companies come here and begin to install their own alternative energy plants in our waters? Doesn’t the state government find this a bit embarrassing?

We have a fragile power grid and lots of talk, while these folks have already filed papers to begin their project in our backyard.

Perhaps the Seattle company could install a wind turbine on the 5th floor of the State Capitol to harness all the hot air.



At least I mentioned it on the 8th ;)

When will the "News" catch up?

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