Tuesday, January 06, 2009


For news on Israeli attack on Gaza, forget the commercial press

by Larry Geller

The death toll in Gaza is about 550, depending on sources, and the killing is carried out with US-made and –supplied weapons and aircraft. The US is blocking efforts at the UN to gain a cease-fire.

For the first time, world outrage over Israel’s continuing massacre of Palestinian civilians has risen to a point where all of AIPAC’s money can’t keep people from marching and demonstrating in the streets. Opposition to Israel’s slaughter is even heard from Jewish organizations. It would be hard to brand them as “anti-Semitic.”

Protests against the Israeli invasion continue around the world. In Israel, twenty-one members of the group “Anarchists Against the Wall” were arrested Friday morning after they blocked an Israeli Air Force base in North Tel Aviv. On Saturday, over 10,000 Israelis attended a rally in Tel Aviv opposing the Israeli invasion. Here in this country, a group of 100 scholars calling themselves California Scholars for Academic Freedom have condemned Israel’s bombing of the Islamic University and other educational sites. [Democracy Now headlines, 1/6/2009]

But the mainstream press is not terribly useful for anyone wanting to know what’s going on in Gaza. Take that piece of pap in this morning’s Advertiser (please!).

The Internet is the place to follow this tragedy. For today, I suggest starting with Democracy Now’s coverage, and from there go to Darh Jamail’s website. As usual, the websites of several European papers have good coverage. I don’t know how the news is getting out, since phone lines are reported to be largely cut off in Gaza, but there are even photos on Flickr that stand out as great efforts of citizen journalism.

Educate yourself. Work for peace in Palestine first, and then justice and human rights for everyone.

Forget Bush, the man is getting smaller as his days run out. Work on getting Obama to do the right thing.

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Bush is an ignorant liar. Obama needs to say something about this needing to stop.

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