Friday, December 19, 2008


Who is this man we elected president?

by Larry Geller

I hate to snip from this fine article by Sam Smith over at the Progressive Review website, but this part is something I’ve wanted to say, and he said it far better than I could have:

…would you - on principle and not personality - have voted for someone who promised to appoint as secretary of agriculture an ethanol booster and ally of Monsanto, an education secretary who would continue the war on public education, an energy secretary who is pro nuke and pro Yucca Mountain, a defense secretary who has been part of the Iraq disaster, a budget director who favors cutting Social Security for those under 59, an attorney general who helped increase the prison time served by young blacks on minor drug offenses, a secretary of state involved in numerous scandals, a transportation secretary who is an extreme conservative and knows little about the field, a staff stuffed with a team of revivals form the Clinton years, and an inaugural preacher who treats gays and women as lesser beings much as others once did to blacks?

That is not change we can believe in. That's a lot of problems.

In short, Obama is not what he pretended to be nor what his most enthusiastic fans believed him to be. The sooner progressives and liberals face up to this the better off we all will be. The mere fact that so many are urging patience towards Obama suggests at least a nascent appreciation of the problem, but many, many more have to let him know that they feel let down or deceived. It doesn't have to mean total alienation; it does mean challenging his post-partisan hustle and his palling around with the very sorts that have brought America down. Just call his con and start treating him as what he really is: another politician who is only as good as the pressure he feels.

Best to read this article in its entirety. There are some decent comments appended as well. For example:

Am scraping the damned Obama-Biden sticker off my long suffering bumper . Jeesh , there it was in plain sight ... the word " Biden " , fairly screaming a big fat warning to the wise.

or this:

Hey if all one needs to implement a liberal agenda are conservative and corrupt politicos, it really goes to show how useless it is even to be a progressive.


Even the right wing blogosphere, who had studied Obama's politics, was pretty much laughing its collective ass off at the progs who were flocking, no questions asked, to Obama. There was no question the honeymoon would be short-lived. The only question was, how short.

Obama is a sell-out. I have absolutely no faith that he will govern as he campaigned. Obama is one of the worst liars we have elected, short of Bush.

It appears that the Democratic Party and Move On etc. sold the American People a lie( OBAMA) as big as Bush's. Do we have any doubts why Bush & Cheney haven't been Impeached? As Nader warned: there is no difference in the parties.

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