Friday, December 19, 2008


Can Hawaii protect Obama?

by Larry Geller

Obama will be arriving in Hawaii tomorrow. I hope he doesn’t go visit the Governor at her office. The place just isn’t secure.

I don’t think there’s even a single metal detector in the entire building. The garage, underneath, is unguarded. People flow into and out of the building (and the entire state, actually) pretty much unnoticed. You never see cops on the street.

Having easy access to our legislators is great, I wouldn’t want that to change. The likelihood of the place getting blown up while I’m there is pretty small. Obama, though, is different. There are plenty of folks in this deeply racist country of ours hoping for a chance at him, for sure.

I hope he is careful while he is here. In the future, will he come to Hawaii for vacation? Who knows. While the newspapers say he is “coming home,” this isn’t home for him any longer. When he does come by, though, I hope we’re not casual about security.

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I think this is much more of a comment on the people of Hawaii -- we have been well trained by years of plantation-mentality informed socialization and education -- than on inherent laziness of our government. If we had an active citizenry, there would be metal detectors everywhere -- like at court.

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