Friday, December 19, 2008


Obama-Rama: Another use for a “large capacity ferry vessel”

by Larry Geller

If (when?) the Hawaii Supreme Court finds that the special law that currently allows the Hawaii Superferry to operate without completing an environmental assessment is unconstitutional, there will be one big useless boat parked in Honolulu Harbor. Well, not useless, the military may want it, or some other location may be interested. But useless as a ferry in Hawaii, anyway.

Daryl Huff

I was reminded by the picture of KITV reporter Daryl Huff in front of the ferry in last night’s news, of the floating restaurant idea I’ve mentioned before.

But times have changed. The economy is bad. We can do better than turning it into a floating Chinese restaurant with free parking.

Why not be opportunistic and turn it into Obama-Rama, floating Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza, or Chicago-style steak, or whatever. Seafood. Sushi. Like I said, whatever.

The idea would be to find out what Obama might like or usually eats back home in Illinois, and bring it to an eager tourist audience here in Hawaii. Even if no one can find out exactly, it doesn’t matter.

Of course, pictures of the next president could be hung shamelessly around the dining rooms. Like I said, we’re in a recession. We gotta be creative. Sell souvenirs. Sell Obama-Rama menus to take home. Cookbooks. Pictures of Kailua Beach, where he stays. Punahou t-shirts. Stuff to keep the economy moving along in Hawaii.

The ferry will not need much fuel, one of its biggest expenses. It might use some to combine Chicago food with a short sunset cruise or something (far from whales). Whatever works. Maybe the parking doesn’t have to be free.

So thanks to Daryl Huff and KITV for inspiring this crazy or not-so-crazy thought.


that looks a lot like Aberdeen Harbor.

Yes, it is Aberdeen Harbor. That's the Jumbo Floating Restaurant.

I vote to bring back the booze cruise

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