Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Bank CEOs—will they come to Hawaii when they collect their bonuses?

by Larry Geller

Tourism is down in Hawaii, and though it doesn’t get much press here, competition is hot. Hawaii is up against marketing efforts from other spots that still covet the US dollar.

Wall Streeters are still collecting bonuses, believe it or not. Will they come here?

Well, many have second or third homes in places like Hilton Head Island, so who knows. If they are looking for a winter respite, the travel mags are full of suggestions this season.

Forbes thinks Southeast Asian beaches are sexy. The descriptions might also suit the Main Street traveler who may be shy about spending $1000 on domestic airfare (see USA Today, $1,000 domestic airfares may keep travelers from flying).

Here’s a snippet of Forbes’ description of Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia:

The largest of the three Gili Islands is just 25 minutes by ferry off the coast of Lombok, but what makes this island sexy is its youthful, unplugged, "Age of Aquarius" vibe. Magic mushrooms are legal for sale, raves on the beach under the moonlight are not uncommon, and you can circumnavigate this undeveloped sandy islet in under two hours and be sure to find a private nook.

Here’s what Forbes has to say about China Beach, Danang, Vietnam, where even a small Wall Street bonus buys the very best:

Once a surf spot and escape for American GI's, this generously wide, seemingly endless, historic stretch between DaNang and Hoi An has now been reborn as a tony civilian beach destination (it's even the site of the priciest resort in all of Vietnam, the gilded Nam Hai).

Now wouldn’t one of these appeal either to the jaded Wall Street exec with our money to burn, or to the young traveler who doesn’t feel blowing everything on domestic airfare is the best use of limited funds?

Should relations with Cuba be normalized under a new American administration, it would also become a prime destination at the expense of Hawaii.

We really need something else to do here besides entertain tourists.


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