Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Wave goodby to “wave of the future”

by Larry Geller

It’s not really disappeared news, but just for closure, Hawaii Superferry may have found something better to do with their second ferry, which was to serve the Oahu-Big Island run.

The newspaper and TV website articles generally reflect the Superferry press release, while blogs are speculating that the ferry may find some military application. The second ferry has been fitted with a ramp which would make that an option.

In truth, who can blame them? The weak economy probably means a further falloff in tourism that could last a year or more. The timing does seem to be poor.

They have also deleted Tuesday from their Maui schedule. This undoubtedly leaves commercial customers such as Loves Bakery a bit concerned:

Mike Walters, Love's Bakery president, said shipping his goods to Maui saves his company a lot of money over flying it in. Each morning Love's sends a truck full of fresh products from O'ahu to Maui and the empty truck returns each afternoon.

"It's working out extremely well for us," Walters said. "The Superferry is the wave of the future for us. We're waiting for the second ship next April to start service to Kona and we'll definitely participate in that service." [Honolulu Advertiser, Ferry ridership at 29% after first month, 6/13/2008]

Should the company cancel other runs to Maui, it may become time to question whether a ship of this size and fuel requirements is the best choice for interisland ferry service.


The decision to relocate may also have something to do with the upcoming HSC arguments and the company strategy/concerns pertaining thereto.

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