Wednesday, October 29, 2008


ACLU sets roadmap back to democracy

by Larry Geller

The ACLU has some suggestions for the next president on how to give us back our civil liberties.

Of course, those who get their news only from the mainstream press or TV didn’t know they lost them in the first place.

See: Actions for Restoring America: How to Begin Repairing the Damage to Freedom in America After Bush.

Here is a snippet, the organization’s suggestion for Day 1:

There’s more to be cleaned up: watch lists, warrantless spying, monitoring of activists, spying on Americans. There’s plenty of damage to undo, and attitudes to change. Certainly, there will be people to replace, examples to set, speeches to be made, and meetings with world leaders to schedule.

Will the next president do any of this on the first day or in the first 100 days? We’ll probably have to insist on it if we expect it to happen.



Love your attitude, but most of what you know about all of these troubling issues you learned from....gasp!...the Mainstream media. If the MSM completely craters, as it seems destined to do, you clever bloggers will find you have a lot less to talk about.

We all should live in fear of that day, my friend.

Not so. These troubling issues (and more) are consistently missing from the mainstream media. There's a wealth of discussion, but overwhelmingly from web sources not referencing MSM.

Thank God we donʻt have to rely on mainstream media...imagine what the bush admin. would have gotton away with.

ACLU should concentrate on repealing the Patriot Act: thatʻs where all the lawlessness is derived from.

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